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  1. G&T with Big Gin from Captive Spirits and Q-Tonic. Very nice, but I think I'm still a Voyager man; I'll have to try a martini faceoff between the two one of these days. Also, Marteau and Blues Cat.
  2. I've tried and loved a few of Southern Tier's other beers, now drinking Pumking for the first time. This is the pumpkin beer experience that I've been looking for
  3. Dark N' Stormy, here's to all our friends on the east coast, hope you're safe and dry.
  4. Blues Cat and a bit of Eichelberger 80 brut. Have today off, so nice way to start the morning drinking absinthe and playing computer games with my neighbor.
  5. Sounds like a fine end to a fine day Songcatcher. The Old Rasputin in my glass seems right for a very rainy night.
  6. I can see how the mind reels at the prospect but it sounds like a daring experiment that has paid off for him. A sort of "post-assemblage" method of mixing distillates...or something like that. I mean, certain lucky bastiches can make a Tremblement de Terre with 100 year old Martell Cognac and Pernod Fils 1914, so it seems like BC and Savauauaggge would be fair game. I raise my Monkey Gland in salute.
  7. Cookin' up some grenadine for a Monkey Gland, which will feature Voyager and Pacifique, naturally.
  8. Agreed, knowing that some viewed it as the Jade "odd man out", it was the last of the four that I tried. I'm glad I did. Voyager G&T with Q-Tonic. I'll have to look into those DIY tonic recipes that were posted awhile back.
  9. Yes, it was an awesomely magnificent session! The Rubis was an intriguing rouge, the red had faded and it was an interesting yellow orange, looked kinda like pre-ban. Tasting L'Ancienne for the first time was a treat, very interesting dualism of fresh-verte-springy herbs and vintage books n' leather. The comparison between Jade VS Nov. '05 and VS March '12 was pretty interesting, definitely the same product, the '05 was less alpine freshness and a more rounderer, powderyer range as one might expect. While we were very careful louching the CF Berger to a sweet spot just above 3:1, I think our ratio for the Jade was accidentally a bit higher. But still, while Jade VS is one of my favorite COs, the real Berger completely stole the show and we were hesitant to sip any other beverage and ruin the symphonic super-sustain finish. The role that aging plays has always been a subject of much speculation, but after several CO and prototype Berger clones, none of them really comes very close to capturing what we had. I could see the VS evolving into something similar, but the aging would have to bring significant changes to the profile, particularly the heavy earthy-savory-bitter wormwood notes on the bottom end and a taming of the enjoyable but not-quite-subtle Jade grape base. I was a bit nervous about the Duval-Dubied circa 1895 since unlike the Berger, haven't run across any reviews (I know it was a grand Marque, origins possibly predating the beginnings of the Pernod dynasty, but wasn't sure how it had aged). Fortunately it proved to be a true 5-star pre-ban experience in its own right. Ironically it had a reddish gold and ultimately very pink color, which prompted us to joke that the Rubis looked more like pre-ban and the DD looked more like a rouge. And to top it all off, our colleague John awesomely brought the remainder of his PF 1914! Wonderful to revisit this treat with its honey and bubblegum front end, multifaceted spice melange gem in the middle, breaking into white pepper with wormwood singing in the finish. Took lots of pics and audio notes, but doing justice to those pre-bans in writing will be a major review challenge. Big thanks to Brian for his help in making this time travel possible! Ok , now I’ve definitely exceeded my typing quota for a single post in this thread, but well, it was an experience y’know?
  10. Yes, wow, between the new format here and Absomphe's unsettlingly innocent looking avatar I'm starting to wonder if the slow accumulation of thujonez over the years is making me...ok, no not really, but I gotta say that this Absomph avatar business is irregular...damned irregular. To restore order I vote for some prune juice (or perhaps some "Prune in the Afternoon" cocktails that Hem surely wood have indulged in had he lived to be Amsomph's age) and the return of the even older bacchanalian tongue wager icon that some of these noobs haven't seen yet.
  11. I thoroughly enjoyed the Tarragona 1950 sample I had. While the brown PF1910 and green PF1914 had more nuances and seemingly infinite flavors across the spectrum from high to low, the Tarragona certainly captures the amazing fragrance and floral components in the high end. It definitely gives you a good idea as to why Pernod Fils became legendary. I've not had the mystery Belgian, but based on the incoming Belgian reviews, the Tarragona will be a very different and wonderful experience for you.
  12. Sad news: I tried to find this segment, or identical uploads, but A&E complained and now it has been removed entirely from YouTube. Too bad, it was one of the most informative 10 minutes of absinthe in a nutshell. Edit: Fortunately I was wrong. While several uploads appear to have been scrubbed, and a YT search for "Modern Marvels Absinthe" didn't yield results, I found it under "Jade Liquers at the Combier distillery" and "History of Absinthe".
  13. I also find La G to be a splendid and unique offering. I'm recovering from an evening of Marteau, oysters galore, and most enjoyable of all, the excellent company of many fine WS members. Thanks and Sante!
  14. I'm really surprised Vol. 3 didn't sell that well. It took me awhile to pick it up but it I was quite pleased to find it was at least as good as Vols. 1 & 2, and that includes the CD art. In some ways I thought it was a better balance of style diversity with smoother tonality transitions. I'd miss a year without it but maybe it would be more exciting after a hiatus. As far as contributing I don't think I'll be in a better or worse position to submit something either way (unless of course I can find the time and motivation to actually start and finish more songs in the interim).
  15. That's a beautiful site design, and very nicely streamlined. The color scheme fits exactly with my browser skin!
  16. Album? I assumed "Airborne Toxic Event" was an HG or freeze-distilled craft beer of some kind
  17. Voyager G&T. Trying to appreciate the local goods while I can still get them locally. Happily and surprisingly, the QFC nearby had Q Tonic so I didn't have to settle for Schwepps.
  18. Sounds like Fort Bliss to me. A euphemism (edit: organic thesaurus fail correction: misnomer) to be sure. Drinking some Pacifique to celebrate the start of another school quarter.
  19. Sounds like a great job Maredudd, bringing the knowledge to the people! As well as bringing the booze to the people! I know Ron worked up a pretty awesome Absinthe 101 flier if you haven't already run across it for your literature.
  20. The question may be a false dichotomy. I'm saying Amish hipster.
  21. Indeed. And I love Pacifique as much as ever. Edit: which is lots and lots.
  22. Oh yeah? Well I bet my tarragon chicken salad has more thujonez than either version of NO, since the tarragon- artemisia dracunculus- aint cured or alcohol distilled like that silly absinthe stuff. And of course higher thujone content means the salad is more authentic.
  23. Yeah, count me in for next year I guess. Definitely looking forward to this year's comp though!
  24. Yes, yes, store the Roquette, then drink Pacifique for a coupla years until it's ready. It would really be the proper thing to do.
  25. Though an extremely lame, emotionally wracking and time sucking situation developed in the last week (of course it did! The timing is perfect to fuck up all my important, time sensitive priorities!), I'm now back to work and making progress. I might make the deadline, I might not, but I'm happy we'll have enough material for a proper release either way. Worst case scenario, I'll have two tracks to submit next year.