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  1. An Aviation with St. George Botanivore gin and Tempus Fugit Liqueur de Violettes using the Tempus Fugit/Scott Betie recipe. Probably the best balanced Aviation I've had; though the lemon and marischino are the stand-out flavors, the violette definitely adds a nice touch. Had some Marteau at Gasworks park earlier today, which was great. Nice sunny day with rain clouds on the far horizon for atmosphere, lots of boats and boat planes buzzing and sailing about, with the city skyline to my front and the scintillating, sluggish I-5 traffic looking like a metallic centipede off in the distance to my left. Pretty cool, where'd you get it? i haven't seen it for sale online yet. I was able to get a bottle already because I'm local to Marteau. I had the impression if it wasn't online at DUNY already, it should be soon.
  2. Marteau Master's Reserve. Still a little time before it's finished blooming, but it's tough to stay away from.
  3. Deliverance is my favorite barrel aged beer I've tasted so far. I'm thinkin' part of it might be the brandy barrel ageing in addition to the more common bourbon barrel ageing. That does it. I'll have to get some more soon. Right now, relaxing with a tasty Last Word cocktail.
  4. Pacifique. After going through quite a few bottles in the 4 years since its release, still soooo good. In fact as others have pointed out, even betterer.
  5. Stills aren't used in the cold oil mix process are they? Having stills on the premises is good, but actually using 'em for something worth while...We're still waitin' over here P-R!
  6. Last night, found some Ridge Verte and Brevans H.R. Giger at a random French themed bar in my buddy's neighborhood. I've been on board with the Ridge Blanche, but honestly wasn't sure what to make of Ridge Verte- something reminded me too much of L'Italienne(!) when buddhasynth gave me a taste of the first newly opened CO release- but now, I totally get it! The Brevans Giger was a good revisit (it was my 4th absinthe ever), if this was a legit U.S./Tempus Fugit release, it definitely surpasses the U.S. bottle of badly star anisified Duplais I had not too long ago. Though the Brevans A.O Spare is my current favorite Matter offering by far. Tonight: Negroni with Voyager.
  7. Welcome! Looks from your avatar like you're already enjoying a "rouge" even if it's not an absinthe.
  8. It's always a pleasure to raise a glass and have a word in person with good folks likewise suffering the wonderful affliction of absinthism.
  9. If you live in the U.S., these days it's quite possible that you might find something good at a local liquor retailer (who quite probably will have something not so good on the shelf as well). There are a few online shops that are well recommended, but even the best can potentially also carry crappy brands. Therefore it's probably a good idea to research brands as well as vendors. WWS brand reviews: http://wormwoodsociety.org/index.php/brand-reviews Some recommended vendors: http://wormwoodsociety.org/index.php/absinthe-vendors-commercial-32 (not on the list is absinthes.com which is a good one but has many fauxsinthes available as well).
  10. Blanche Traditionelle/Brut d'Alembic Essai 6. Seems much more grapey/fruity than the earthy "fresh dirt" of Essai 4 & 5.
  11. Yes, it was a superb time! Hope I'll have a few more like it while the sun graces us here this spring/summer.
  12. Pacifique in the arboretum and Japanese garden on a perfect Seattle spring day.
  13. If that's the case, the Devil's playground DOES seem to be getting better and better
  14. The answer is that the Absinthe Marteau website is up to date, but the Gnostalgic Spirits website is not. I could very well be wrong, but I believe the P. Duplais 1899 series is probably a ways off if we ever see it (I hope we do some day, it's a great concept). So, recap from the website is that the regular blue label Marteau Belle Epoque will henceforth be made with grain spirits and will have a significanlty lower MSRP. The black label Marteau Master's Reserve will be made with grape spirits, even more select botanicals than usual, and have a higher price point that's about what we're used to paying for Marteau. At the time of this post, probably all the blue label Marteau Belle Epoque on the shelves is still the grape based, higher priced version. I've tried the Master's Reserve and with out any breathing it's already quite good, kinda like the current Belle Epoque but with more flavor oomph. Looking forward to trying the more affordable version of the Belle Epoque when it becomes available.
  15. And now some Adnams Rouge celebrate finally finishing my Berger review. I've had a tough time getting consistent results from the Adnams. One glass is annoyingly star anisified, the next time it's a smooth, tart tasty rouge with the star anise staying nice and low key in the background. This is my first glass in awhile and it seems to be quite well behaved.
  16. Marteau Master's Reserve, gonna have to rest the young bottle a bit, but it's already damn good for just being opened
  17. Got my L'Ancienne 2012 today, having a glass before a bit of resting. Already quite nice tasting, though I'm recovering from a cold, this strikingly similar to a Jade VS Tremblement de Terre.
  18. Lost Abbey Deliverance. Barrel aged goodness.
  19. I'll brave this adult subject matter to wish the Legates a happy and fortuitous rebranding!
  20. Indeed! My favorite Jade. I had the chance to compare some 2005 VS with some 2012 VS and the consistency between the two was excellent (though the 2005 had become nicely fuller and rounder). Jade VS by Green_Baron, on Flickr
  21. Great to see ya here again Deluge! Congrats! Oh, and if by some miracle you have a little extra time in the next year you really outta consider gracing us with a song on the 4th volume of the music project!
  22. But since Maitresse is no longer available, substitute Leopold Verte.