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  1. Excellent choice Pete! I lack the necessary ingredients but I was just fantasizing about a tasty corpse revival today. I'm conserving my booze so I don't think I'll be drinking tonight. But that hasn't stopped me from pulling out a half full-sample of Stefano's RZR proto that smells exquisitely floral after a good year or two of sitting in the absinthe cabinet.

  2. Indeed, thanks for sharing! Though the selling out part happened long long ago, and I doubt they were actually trying to achieve a specific Pernod Fils/ PF-Tarragona/ PTFA flavor profile. But it sounds like P-R can at least be proud that it sucks less than their previous efforts.


    A delightful local Montpelier CO, discovered in a flask in my backpack after many forgotten months. Flask ageing has served it well!

  3. Man that's too bad, the music project is one of my most favoritist things on WS. Thanks for all your hard work making it happen. I really like the rolling compilation idea, it would be cool if we didn't have to stop at 3 volumes! Maybe we should have a pinned thread with the submission guidelines etc.


    As for me, I still hope to contribute, it's just the last couple years I've had either a time/energy shortage or technical issues, usually both. I think finally, actually, got my technical stuff sorted out for real now (fingers crossed). I'm still not very advanced with my use of DAWs and have to hunt and peck a lot with the actual music, so it takes me awhile to cook up a song (always a learning experience!)...I think I've got the makings of one simmering right now.

  4. I'd like to try at least 10 different kinds of Leopold Bros boozes but unfortunately since K&L stopped delivering to WA I know of no vendor that I can order their stuff from.


    Meanwhile , the maraschino taste-off continues (TWSS!) with Tempus Fugit recipe Aviations (the only Aviation recipe I've tried so far that actually justifies the use of creme/liqueur violette): 1 1/2 oz gin, 3/4 lemon juice, 1/2 oz marachino liqueur, 1/2 oz TF Liqueur de Violettes.


    I'd say for this one the bright fruit of the Maraska has great synergy with the TF violette, resulting in a sweet but super drinkable cocktail. The heavier, duskier complexity of the Luxardo masked the violette and resulted in a much less perfect balance.


    Glad I found a role in which the Maraska shines, since I got a whole liter of it. Hopefully I can try a Last Word comparison soon.

  5. A weird Old Fashioned variant I just threw together: Clear Creek Slivovitz, simple syrup, Jerry Thomas bitters, a splash of liqueur de violettes and an orange zest. Not bad at all.


    I was inspired by Deluge's L'Ancienne and Pierre Ferrand 1860 cognac sazerac, so I made a L'Ancienne and Ferrand 1860 tremblement de terre and louched it to about 2:1. The rich flavor has a lot of similarity to the A. Junod c.1900! :cheers: