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  1. Excellent choice Pete! I lack the necessary ingredients but I was just fantasizing about a tasty corpse revival today. I'm conserving my booze so I don't think I'll be drinking tonight. But that hasn't stopped me from pulling out a half full-sample of Stefano's RZR proto that smells exquisitely floral after a good year or two of sitting in the absinthe cabinet.
  2. 1914? Special indeed. Cheers Joe! I'm drinking a Mai Tai here. Learning the authentic way to make these things after being used to the very syrupy version on Cocktail DB. Using Babancourt 4 year and Lemonhart 151.
  3. Working my into yet another delicious bottle of Pacifique along with some wheat/rice/sesame shōchū.
  4. Hiking some beautiful trails this afternoon near Cougar Mountain. Didn't see any cougars but I did pause to watch the sunset over a beautiful vista through the trees while I louched a travel cup of Pacifique. Thinking I might have some Mansinthe as a nightcap.
  5. Nice. DITAs can be very hit or miss depending on the absinthe-champaigncombo. Out of curiosity what brands did you use? Now that I’ve learned some exotic cocktails, a Mai Tai and a Zombie are going great with this lemon pepper mahi mahi.
  6. Sante! Absinthe Suissesse (Imp's Herbsaint recipe) with Marteau. Fresh-made absinthe nog mmmmm.
  7. Earlier, L'Italienne. Now, Chartreuse Swizzle; a little weird but pretty good.
  8. Another Salut Soleil for me! I've long enjoyed this cocktail on weekend mornings, but it's becoming quite a favorite winter evening warmer for me this year. Especially given the paucity of soleil to salut.
  9. I find that logic difficult to argue with SC... Speaking of coffee, and more recently of Marteau, I decided to go with a Salut Soleil to brighten up the place on this dark evening.
  10. Cheers DW. What the sashimi enthusiast, evil clown and green manatee all said! Jade VS posts always tempt me to dip into my supply, but I must resist for a legitimate special occasion. For now I'm happy with a damn fine cup of coffee.
  11. Ten Fidy is a perfect beer for this time of year. Regrettably I have none, but enjoyed some Old Rasputin the other week. Tonight it's a tasty combo of Aviations and Pacifique.
  12. Scratch one bottle of Blues Cat, well enjoyed over many months. I'll miss its anetholey goodness, but it's nice to know there's plenty of other great choices.
  13. Indeed, thanks for sharing! Though the selling out part happened long long ago, and I doubt they were actually trying to achieve a specific Pernod Fils/ PF-Tarragona/ PTFA flavor profile. But it sounds like P-R can at least be proud that it sucks less than their previous efforts. A delightful local Montpelier CO, discovered in a flask in my backpack after many forgotten months. Flask ageing has served it well!
  14. Man that's too bad, the music project is one of my most favoritist things on WS. Thanks for all your hard work making it happen. I really like the rolling compilation idea, it would be cool if we didn't have to stop at 3 volumes! Maybe we should have a pinned thread with the submission guidelines etc. As for me, I still hope to contribute, it's just the last couple years I've had either a time/energy shortage or technical issues, usually both. I think finally, actually, got my technical stuff sorted out for real now (fingers crossed). I'm still not very advanced with my use of DAWs and have to hunt and peck a lot with the actual music, so it takes me awhile to cook up a song (always a learning experience!)...I think I've got the makings of one simmering right now.