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  1. The Aderlass Absinthe was a product commissioned to one particular client. Since they could sell their product much better than we could, we first decided to exclusively sell it to them. Unfortunately after a while some business problems occurred, so we stopped producing and selling it about 1 year ago. The base structure was similar to Mansinthe, so that's the reason for similarities. It was a nice product and if you're collecting Matter products, you should get your bottle soon - there will be no more.
  2. Time for me to join the forum again after several years. First of all, I'd like to thank you all for your mental support. Oliver and I were pretty shocked when we heard about the IGP 2 months ago. We are against ANY kind of IGP! Products have to be good enough to speak for themselves, they must not be "protected" be a stupid seal! We collected quite some material and joined forces with other parties. I can't go into details at that point, but there are several strong arguments speaking pretty much against the IGP, but as someone wrote before - when money and politics is involved, anything is possible. Therefore it's very important that oppositions are entered from a lot different parties, not just the direct involved companies. I don't know who exactly is the driving force behind the Association Interprofessionel d'Absinthe, but obviously their members are known. Some of them just have to learn they are on the wrong track. We feel pretty much betrayed since back in 2005 all these former illegal producers were amnestied and they are now asking for federal protection? That's like asking for a bonus for their illegal activities in the past!
  3. Appart from the Kallnacher Red, all Absinthe products made by Matter-Luginbühl are 100% naturally coloured. Maybe the soon to come Mansinthe is going to be artificially coloured, but that is a different story.
  4. Prototypes are not there to make quick bucks - maybe more to cover the costs for all the try'n error before. You have to know that a Prototype is an already half developed product. Once I gave a first try to a customer as a favour and he completely misunderstood the whole thing - this made clear that at least a few 'essais' have to be done before releasing a Prototype. There were Prototypes which were sold out after 12 hours, others last 2 weeks. To me this has nothing to do with success - how could it? Nobody knows the product... otherwise Prototype 33 would have been sold out immediately @Alan do you think that copying an already existing method makes you or CAB look serious? Don't get me wrong - nothing against Clandestine and CAB, but business is about creating own ideas - that's what I learned in the past 7 years.
  5. Did you see the bottle in Manson's new video?
  6. Actually we (Oliver Matter and me) started experimenting in June 2005. We tryed out several Duplais formulas and it turned out to be most convinient to number the different versions. One day I thought it would be a good idea to get some feedback from customers, so we started offering Prototypes. Not each Prototype makes it to a final product and not each number between 23 and 33 was released as a Prototype. The first one was #23. Reactions were good and interesting, because when you're developing a product you lose objectivity after a while and it's very helpful to see what 'outsiders' think about it. I have the impression that Prototypes become collectors items since a while and less people give feedback. This is not what we intend. Therefore I'd like to encourage everybody giving feedback - otherwise it doesn't make much sense offering Prototypes.
  7. Of course you all have the possibility taking influence on development - however therefore it is necessary to try the Prototype - now... We all know about aging, but I don't think opening a bottle, trying one or two glasses and than putting it back on the shelf, is going to destroy the content. See what I mean?
  8. I'm very positivly surprised to see a Hill familiy member joining here - welcome. After one day the whole discusion seems to be a bit overheated - doesn't make me wonder. There's absolutly no rush, so why not taking a breath and giving Tom the time he needs to present the requested proofs.
  9. absinthe_de


    That's a pretty hefty one - I bought a 50gr bar maybe a month ago and still have some squares left over. It's a quite extreme experience of taste...
  10. absinthe_de


    Try a piece of dark chocolate with a tiny sip of pure Duplais Verte - that's phantastic...
  11. So this is how the Prototype 31 is going to end up:
  12. Sorry guys - but don't worry, the final product should be available in around 5-6 weeks. More information soon.
  13. In short: Does Thujone directly relate to taste? If so, T-free Absinthe doesn't make much sense.
  14. Hmm, there are some bottles, but I'd rather drink it myself