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  1. I tried gum, its just not the same minty goodness Yes, menthol, everyone bashes it til we all hanging out drunk, then suddenly everyones like "can i have menthol, ill trade you a regular one that tastes like ass." The only time I can tolerate nonmenthols is a) pipes....oooh how I love some good pipe tobacco and b. really good cigars. and wine flavored black n milds(they are my guilty pleasure.)
  2. Yea, so Im not sure how many people here are into Portishead, but if you are, you, like me, have been waiting over over a decade for new stuff. Well Im estatic to finally say the wait is over, and just had to share the news. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KxgUM9Ty4k http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVaJErZ2xAE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thSdQvTCOW8 mad drinks tonight.
  3. I always though mayo was something people joked about eating, but never really did kinda like marmite I always thought I had a strong stomach, but watching someone eat either of these would literally make me lose it.
  4. two more that havent left my cd rotation recently... Amel Larrieux - Lovely Standards (she has such a beautiful voice, well beyond her time.) Skapel - self titled. no self respecting jazz fan wont buy this upon hearing any song on the album.
  5. I love my Camel menthol wides. Premium turkish and domestic blend. and Turkish is the worlds smoothest, most aromatic leaf cause the pack said so, right on the back. RJ Reynolds wouldn't lie to me. but seriously out of all the menthols Ive smoked(i dont smoke nonmenthols, regular flavor is most wretched.) Camel menthols are be far my favorite, though the new marlboro smooths are quite nice as an alternate. I don't smoke high premium brands, as 4$ a pack is more than enough for me, as I am quite a chain smoker sometimes(I'd give me left arm for someone to invent smoke proof music recording equipment) but it works out nicely, cause everyone at the studio all smoke the same brand, so we never really run out.
  6. Yessir, sure have, saw them at Cicero's quite some time ago. Good stuff.
  7. As far as genres, I listen to just about anything done well. I produce dnb and dubstep, as well as quite fancying making jazzy hip hop lately, but I also find myself making some crazy acid jazz, just whatevers flowing out of my head that night. At work at the studio(I am just the intern mind you), I hear and record just about everything, from the good to the bad, from rock to rap to whatever weird nonsense comes our way( haha just recently some isle reggae from some cats in wisconsin...who have never even seen a beach), but whatever makes em happy, cause that what its about. smiles and subconcious instinct to move to whatever grooves you. thanks for the warm welcomes all.
  8. doh. I knew better. Shame on me. Glad to see theres more people who enjoy the green in the area. I was beginning to feel lonely. So far no one Ive left try lucid have enjoyed it quite as much as I have, and while it may not be the best, I like it, and am looking forward to expanding my tastes.
  9. Good ol U city. Fun place. I live on the outskirts of Granite City, on the IL side. And the store would be Corral Liquors. Lucids $52.95 with tax just leave me a bottle. They also carry another brand, but for the life of me I could not tell you what it was atm.
  10. Hello ladies and gents. I'm Joe. Im new to the absinthe scene somewhat, it is something dear I remember about my father, the smells of his favorite drink I remember from my childhood. I guess thats what has drawn me to it lately, reconnecting with such fond memories. I dont have much of a life outside of music, so please forgive me if much of what I post pertains to the arts, though from what Ive read lurking it doesn't seem to be a problem. I am currently in my last semester of college before I receive my degree in audio engineering. I live just outside of st.louis. Im 26, and enjoy many things, most related to music. I am usually at school, at the studio, or at home in my home studio making music, drinking absinthe. Exciting life. Anyways, looking forward to many conversations with those who also love my newly-renewed drink of choice.
  11. My store right down the road right outside st.louis, on the IL side has been getting lucid shipments rather regularly for a few weeks now. I think Im the only person around here that buys it, but all the better. Will have to mention the Kübler to the owner and give it a go.
  12. Im enjoying a fine glass with the Cinematic Orchestra. Great combo. especially the Everday album. and Hello all by the way.