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  1. If you are in the Washington, D.C. area (or otherwise in striking distance of Frederick, MD), I suggest you pay a visit to the Tenth Ward Distillery’s tasting room on Patrick St. in downtown Frederick. First and foremost, the absinthe is good and quite traditional. Some time ago I tried their product and found it respectable but with room for improvement. That was batch 12, I believe…they are now on 21 and I think the product is very good and closing in on top tier. Certainly it’s one of the very best absinthes for the price (750 ml bottle was $45 last I saw). Next, the tasting room offers a nice atmosphere, and they know how to properly serve absinthe…no BS. Third, they offer other spirits and a variety of tasty and unique cocktails. Final note…if you can’t get to Frederick, I would recommend looking around for their product…I know they carry it at Total Wine in Columbia, MD., and it’s likely available elsewhere in the region. I’m a big fan of the Jades and have tried many absinthes that I have enjoyed, but Tenth Ward is a real gem in my backyard…very pleased with the way they’ve improved their recipe.
  2. I saw some online information to the effect that the shop Vert d’Absinthe on rue d Ormesson in Paris has closed. Does anyone know whether this is true? Anywhere else with a good selection of absinthe in Paris?
  3. So, I finally broke down and ordered a bottle of this. I will definitely be ordering more. It's a Jade, to be sure, but more intense and even medicinal (in a good, tonic sort of way) than their typical product. Reminds me of the Roquette in some respects, and also VdF (though more refined). Very good absinthe.
  4. I've had several bottles of 1901 since I last posted in this thread...they've been pretty consistent in appearance, and all have been very good. It remains my favorite, though I am drinking Edouard as I write this.
  5. Nothing particularly unusual about color variation in absinthe...I've occasionally encountered that dark brownish green in several brands.
  6. JL 1901...nothing beats absinthe on a winter's night.
  7. Getting ready for the blizzard...luckily I still have half a bottle of JL 1901 left!
  8. Glad to see you are still at it...keep up the good work.
  9. Thanks for the information...may just have to go old school in this instance.
  10. Edouard is also very good...I remain partial to the 1901, but it's a very near thing.
  11. Well, I have to say, I feel that I've learned a lot from this thread. Now, if only someone would tell me, who is that guy in the white hat?
  12. Any U.S. distributors have this yet? Or is it still strictly Flying Monkeys?