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  1. Well, since the Duplais and the Marteau came today, I just HAD to try 'em both out....for comparative testing, of course. :cheers:


    I've tried the Duplais twice and now I'm on the second Marteau, I've just reloaded some double-apple in the hookah and I'm starting to feel very relaxed. :twitchsmile:


    Absinthe Marteau is winning the taste test.


    Note to Hiram: Litre bottles would be real nice. :thumbup:

  2. Existone, you just gave me an idea!


    King Of Spirits ICE!®


    King Of Spirits ICE!® is the only malternative with the specially designed cap containing one sugar cube and self-ignitor 'Ta git dat flamin' louche on'!


    And don't forget to look for the wormwood floaties in the bottom! That means it's got SHITLODZ of Thujone!


    Give it a shake. Hit the ignitor button, and you be ballz trippin! Anytime! Anywhere!


    So don't go for any of that froufrou stuff with the fancy fountains & shit. GO FOR King Of Spirits ICE!®!






    Wherever fine beverages are sold.

  3. The tobacco comes in resealable bags. I don't have any problem with dryness until I'm almost to the bottom of the bag. Then I just mix it with some fresh out of the next bag.


    I usually make only a day's woth of smokes, (it's part of my daily routine when I first get up in the morning) so they don't last long enough to get dry. Oh yeah, and I crimp the ends to keep any tobacco from falling out. It might help keep moisture in.


    When I go on vacation, I make up enough for my trip and put them in old tobacco cans. A TOP or Kite 6 oz can will hold about eight packs. I put the cans inside a 'ghetto-humidor' - a ziploc freezer bag with a moistened paper towel in folded up in the bottom.


    This has worked well for me, but like everything else, YMMV (your mileage may vary).

  4. The RJReynolds of this world suck ass. There is a special place in hell for them. :devil:



    I look at it this way. If their sutff wasn't crap, you wouldn't appreciate the good stuff near as much :biggrin:


    I quit smoking tailor-mades a dozen years ago. Now, whenever I smoke one, I feel like I'm sucking on air!

    I get all my rollin' bits from http://www.stuffyourown.com. The American Harvest Menthol is okay, and it comes in one pound bags which last me about a month. I usually buy three bags and several cartons of tubes at a time.


    I figure I'm paying about 80 cents a pack. :thumbup:

  5. I love the ugly tent! Welcome. :cheers:

    It beats the heck out of sleeping on the ground!

    And since I don't have to stop at a motel every night while I'm on the road, it's nearly paid for itelf.


    I don't even have a vest with a bunch of patches. Shhhhh, I'm incognito. B)
    Is that where the embroidered underwear come in? ;)

    My roadgear jacket is ten years old, has three older rally pins on it, and some nasty scuffs on the back.


    I kinda fell off one day :wacko:

  6. Oh I'm not knocking Harley's per se, OMG_Bill. I've just met too many folks who consider the bikes to be a fashion statement. They spend thousands of dollars on shiny doo-dads and have Harley Davidson on every stitch of clothing down to their underwear, but their bikes get more miles on a trailer than they do on the road. They're missing the best part!


    Liken it to those who drink absinthe because they think the thujone will get them stoned.

  7. I've had uglier bikes (don't feel bad about yours).

    It has over 60,000 miles on it and my modifications to it have been primarily for function. Makes it easier to find in a parking lot full of cookie-cutter Harleys. :tongue:


    The Kübler is a decent Swiss absinthe to start with. I know you'll enjoy it. :cheers:

    Yeah, but since this will be my first time, I hope the Kübler will be gentle :wub:


    Actually, after lurking here for a bit, I'm wondering if I shouldn't have gone for the Marteau Verte. Oh well, looks like I've made my choice for a second bottle!

  8. Greetings from the dead center of the great state of Arid-zona! Cottonwood is located about halfway between Prescott and Flagstaff, and is 20 miles south of the New-Age mecca of Sedona.


    Occupation: Lab analyst in the cement industry.


    Interests include but are not limited to:

    Old/orphaned automobiles. My current projects are a 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner convertible and a '51 Studebaker Champion.


    Offbeat motorcycles (hence the screen name). I currently ride a '95 Moto Guzzi California.


    Behold. The 'ugly bike'.



    Oh yeah. And I seem to have a knack for attracting stray critters. Currently I'm 'down' to three cats....this week.


    The rest of my free time is mostly taken up by Masonic activities. I am a member of the Scottish Rite, an officer in a Masonic Reasearch Lodge, and as of two weeks ago, am the Master of my lodge. After lurking on some older threads here, I see I am in some very good company. :euro:



    As of today, I am still an absinthe virgin. But that will soon change!

    I have always been highly skeptical of the claims of the mind-altering properties made of absinthe, but the mystique and the ritual surrounding it have always intrigued me. I have looked into procuring some before, even finding vendors who would sell it to me here in the States, but with the ban, I was leery of sending my money to someone for something I might not recieve. The recent spate of news articles showing that absinthe was now legal for sale here renewed my interest and I once again renewed my search. After lurking here and a couple of other places for a few days, I took the plunge. I have ordered Pontarlier glasses, a couple of spoons (and I will be trying both avec et sanse sucre), and a bottle of Kübler 53 . All should be here either Wednesday or Thursday.


    I look forward to sharing my experiences here, and in joining you in the intrepid search for the ultimate (aka CHEAP) fountain! :cheers: