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  1. Leopold Bros. batch #10.

    I tried it the day it came in and it had this certain "something" that just wasn't quite right. I let it breathe for a couple of hours and put it in the cabinet for a couple of days.

    Just poured another glass and that certain "something" is gone. I have the feeling this is going to get even better as I slowly work my way through the bottle.


    And yes, it does have a few sea monkeys. I don't mind. I'm startin' to like the little critters. :twitchsmile:

  2. I guess my attempt at Hemingway didn't work out as planned. Maybe I should have added a bit about smoking a cigarette or something. Or adding that I just walked home from the hospital where my mistress died in childbirth while suffering from consumption. And scurvy. In the rain.


    I was drunk, the day my Maw got outta prison.

    An' I was drinkin' absinthe alone in the rain.....

  3. ScienceDaily (May 1, 2008) — A new study may end the century-old controversy over what ingredient in absinthe caused the exotic green aperitif's supposed mind-altering effects and toxic side-effects when consumed to excess. In the most comprehensive analysis of old bottles of original absinthe -- once quaffed by the likes of van Gogh, Degas, Toulouse-Lautrec and Picasso to enhance their creativity -- a team of scientists from Europe and the United States have concluded the culprit was plain and simple: A high alcohol content, rather than thujone, the compound widely believed responsible for absinthe's effects. Although consumed diluted with water, absinthe contained about 70 percent alcohol, giving it a 140-proof wallop. Most gin, vodka, and whiskey are 80 -- 100-proof and contain 40-50 percent alcohol or ethanol.



  4. I generally go for about 3.38:1, personally, but when I get particular I'll make it 3.375:1


    What...doesn't everybody?




    Ah! But how accurate are those ratios when you are doing a 30 minute louche? ;)


    Remember, alcohol evaporates faster than water! And the evaporation rates will vary with ambient temperature and humidity!




    Oh, so many variables! This will require me to drink copious amounts of absinthe...for research purposes, of course! :dribble:




    Lucid and Kübler, I've settled at 3:1


    Marteau Classique and Duplais, I usually do about 3:5:1


    And the Taboo (which just came in the mail today! :yahoo: ) seems to like 4:1