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  1. That might work for a larger establishment wishing to at least pit on the aire of being exclusive. Those places with a more casual atmosphere, a place with high traffic or a catered event might see an advantage in disposables. Move more drinks, more efficiently with less cost and less hassle afterwards while still providing what the customer wants. And plastic spoons are real easy to print logos on.

    As for glasses, they don't have to be pontarlier or bubble glasses with dose lines. There are other styles out there which I'm sure would be at least adequate. Any good barkeep should know what an ounce of booze looks like.


    I'm just trying to look at it from the proprietor's perspective. This way, more mainstream or trendy establishments (Old Absinthe House?) might be more inclined to serve absinthe in a way that at least approximates how it was served way back when.....without the fire.


    Now, will this cheapen the experience for some of us in some ways? Yes, of course it will. We are the ones who have gone out, done the research and paid the exhorbitant shipping fees just for the privilege of tasting a finely crafted beverage. Nintey-nine percent of the drinking public would never think of going through the effort we have for a mere drink. It's easier just to order a beer.


    Oh yea. If the spoons were plastic, the last thing you'd want to do is set the sugar on fire.:tongue:

  2. Fountains may be a pain for bars but how difficult is it to provide a carafe of water? That may be part of the ritual we need to shout a little more loudly. Serving a glass of absinthe should be easy.


    At the risk of sounding too cheap, a bartender could just plop down a small sportsbottle with a pull-top. Less cleanup afterwards.

    Maybe somebody could mass produce little slotted spoons out of plastic? Even if not, I doubt there would be much problem of metal spoons disappearing, as someone who would order absinthe in the traditonal manner would be less likely be the rowdy type who would want to take home souvenirs.

  3. But the orders exceed deliveries, so I get to keep making more! Yippee!


    Thanks for your patience everyone. I'm making it as fast as I can right now. I don't have a big still, and quality is more important than quantity. :cheers:


    And they'll keep coming in. I already have one pre-order in at DUNY. When that's in, the next order will definitely be yours!


    Dammit! I gonna need a bigger liquor cabinet!