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  1. The amount of lead that would actually leach into the water during use would most likely be below any measurable threshold. It's the same as with keeping spirits in lead crystal decanters. As long as the liquid is not stored in the container, there is no danger.

    Asbestos is only dangerous when it is airborne and inhaled into the lungs (and over a long period of time....usually years). Being used as a water filter, I don't see much chance of that happening.

  2. I am still looking for a decent, larger hookah that is quality made, and not produced in china en-masse.


    You can't go wrong with this one:


    I have a pic posted of mine earlier in the thread.

    36" of solid, plated 'weapons grade' brass (ye kin crack skulls wit it!).


    I like the AF hookahs better than their tobacco. The only AF I smoke anymore is Soft Black.


    Right now, a few of us are trying to get a few Turkish nagiles from this place.


  3. do you know why this is called Hookak in USA and most of other countries it is called Nargile (or Narghile) ? Is there any bad connotation for the word Nargile in USA ? :huh:


    - Marcelo


    'Hookah' is the English spelling from the Indian word 'huka'. It's just the word that took hold here in the states. Other places it's called 'narghile', 'gheyloon' and other names. To make things even more fun, in the West, the tobacco is called shisha, in the Middle East, 'shisha' refers to the pipe and the tobacco has names like 'moessel' and 'tombeik' depending on style.

    It just depends on what patch of earth you happen to be standing on at the time. :twitchsmile: