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  1. One question about the whole TriPn Balz thing. Does this mean that only men (with the exception of Rosie O'Donnel) can experience this?
  2. http://www.geekologie.com/2008/01/awesome_...nd_tonic_fo.php Hmmm. I wonder what else could be fogged in that room? Duplais? Marteau? Then again, given the size of the room, I think I'd best stick to Kübler.
  3. I was thinking of the print ads. The 'green fairy' was hotter.
  4. I'll need a Lear Jet. Less muckin' about in the airports.
  5. The old Doub's adds were better. Wish I could still find 'em
  6. Looks like there are enough of us 'Zonies' here to organize our own 'louche fest'! Greetings from the Verde Valley!
  7. Greetings from the Northland! The WS Arizona contingent is growing! Oooh! So that mean you almost live on that nasty stretch of I-10. Yecch!
  8. What so 'Specialy Shaped Absinthe Sugar Cubes' look like? I didn't know absinthe had a shape.
  9. For a lid, I'd check the kitchen section at Wally-World. You might have to buy a whole container just for the lid, but you shouldn't be our more than a few dollars.
  10. PARY-TAY!! We've gone all out for you! We even sprung for a (discounted) Chippendale (style) dancer! We'll come back when he's done. And gone.
  11. Set up a still, procure some anise, some grande wormwood, fennel...
  12. After water, the biggest components of most beers are malted barley, whose sugar starches are fermented into alcohol, and hops, which add the bitter tang. In recent months, both have been in increasingly short supply, and when they have been available, their prices have leaped — by as much as 500 percent in the case of hops. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22808209/
  13. In this case, I have the feeling that the most expensive componenet is the bug.
  14. Live south of you about 60 miles I'll have to hook up with the two of you the next time I'm over that way. My parents live in Daingerfield.
  15. Well, if I have to throw the stuff into a volcano I can think of easier ways to do it.
  16. Aw crud! You mean I have to throw it into Mt. Doom? Will I get to meet any hot Elven chicks when I'm done?
  17. I could think of a few places; but if the Sierra Club ever found out, they'd picket my house.
  18. I wouldn't worry too much. Kübler was my first, then I went straight for the Duplais and the Marteau before I had a chance to try the Lucid. And ya know what? I like 'em all! Welcome to the forum!
  19. That's about all Amber Bock is, anway. Now, if somebody could explain to me what a 'good' Bud Light is in the first place....
  20. Hold muh ayab-sinthe an' watch this!
  21. Absinthe will not be considered redneck until you see the Lucid label on the hood of a Dodge at Daytona. Then half of the fans would pronounce it: "ayab-sinth".