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  1. Quarter century since what? Since he cut his hair? Took a a bath? < /smarass mode> Congrats on another year! Joyeux anniversaire!
  2. Which has me wondering. Are there any domestic la bleus in the works?
  3. First, there was Bum wine. What's next? Bumsinthe?
  4. Here's two of mine... 36" Al Fakher syrian 48" Magdy Zidan Lately I've been getting most of my smoking supplies from John Naddour at www.hookahjohn.com He's great to deal with and has a very good selection of shisha and accessories. Don't forget to try some Nakhla and Salloum brands. Smoking some Salloum unflavored right now. Nice smoke.
  5. Just finished a Duplais Verte. Each glass is becoming more interesting. Can't wait 'till tomorrow night and try it again!
  6. It's going to get worse before it gets better.
  7. heh-heh-heh! Excellent first vid!
  8. Just finished off a glass of Duplais Verte. This bottle's been open for about a week, now and it's aging quite nicely.
  9. Greetings from the high desert of Northern Arizona! A place that has absolutely no resemblence to any place in Poland
  10. Throughout the whole article I was expecting him to mention that he had 15 American millions dollars in a bank in Nigeria.
  11. Lookin' good ZMan! Simple. Elegant. I like it. Although personally I wouldn't care if the label was written in crayon on a post-it note stuck on the bottle. I just need to know where-n-when I can get some!
  12. I don't see it on their drink menu. http://www.upscalejoint.com/images/uploads/Bar-Menu.pdf But it probably wouldn't hurt to send them an email to make sure. http://www.upscalejoint.com/
  13. You and your NWO conspiracies! Darn Freemasons!
  14. Do you often have ususual food cravings? Do you feel nauseous first thing in the morning?
  15. I look forward to your update. I think you will be pleasantly suprised.
  16. Sipping Vieux Pontarlier right now. Duplais is open and breathing right now. And right now I have a dog at my feet, one cat in my lap and another on the back of the chair. The only thing that concerns me is the third cat. She is across the room.... staring at me.
  17. More is on the market now and there's more on the way!