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  1. No it is not a terrible environment to run a business...just a more challenging one, because these are the laws we have to abide by to run a legit liquor business. Everyone is in the same boat. It is just obviously tougher for the boutique importer to get the product distributed over such a vast country, especially one such as ourselves with a niche product. I don't want to start getting into the whole politics of the system and discussing the far distant possibilities of changing a governmental policy of high taxes on alcohol etc, it is all too convoluted. Call it apathetic if you want, but I believe we are all guilty of that to a certain degree. We all try to do the best we can with the circumstances that prevail. Is it the end users problem to wear it? We all wear it in every part of life. In the larger picture though, as a online customer living in Australia and ordering the same absinthe from Europe as is available here, then yes in the long run that person would be unsupportive and shooting themselves in the foot. They could arguably be considered the greedy one in wanting to have a product for a lesser price more often, than for the local price perhaps not so often, so then supporting the local businesses which in turn employ people and are the backbone of the economy. But you can go on and on about it. People will do what they want for their immediate circumstances, it is all relative I guess. I am pretty sure Kamal would feel the same way though. We get many many US tourists through the Salon, students and adults alike, and I always give them Drinkup NY details so they know where to get their absinthe when they get back and encourage them to support their US based absinthe distillers with their fine products, which they did not even know existed. We have a permanent link to his site as well as the Wormwood Society on the computer in the Salon. The amount of $60.92 you quoted has not been around since about 2005, you can safely add about another 25% to that and you will be in the range of what the EEG tax rate is now... but you get the idea of it now in regard to the expenses on top of the cost price. On a last note take this price comparison in Australia. A 500ml bottle of the swill we all know so well called Koruna retails at $101 in the shop. Compare this to our website price of $145 for a 700ml bottle of Duplais Verte delivered to your door. Volumetrically if the Koruna was a 700ml bottle it would cost about $142. So....... 'Does it put Absinthe out of range for a normal wage earning Aussie? I would say a certain yes.' Not necessarily. It is all education. Education about product distillation, quality and integrity and how the system works here and why it is more expensive. At least we have a fantastic venue in the Salon where this can be expressed. We will be starting trade and public training next year which will be sure to be a hit. We are in it for the long haul.
  2. Hi Ignis, I thought I would introduce myself to you, my name is Gaye. My partner, Joop, and I are the importers of the absinthes you are referring to and the owners of Absinthesalon. With all due respect, I think it wise to get your facts correct before you go off on a rant regarding prices, taxes and legislation here in Australia when it comes to the liquor industry. We have been importing, wholesaling and retailing absinthe now since 2005..... all of course legitimately .... unlike some overseas online absinthe vendors. As Alan points out, obviously goods will be remarkably cheaper when trading beneath the radar of government legislation. Of course this will be more enticing to the consumer. There is absolutely no way to compete with these prices especially now the flying monkeys are offering ridiculously low prices on freight since the GFC, just to keep their planes flying. If you think we base our business on greed for profit you are sorely mistaken especially as you do not seem to understand the layers of costs that are involved in just being able to offer the 24 absinthes that we bring in to this country. We are very passionate about what we do and the re education of people here regarding the nature of the Crapsinth they have all been throwing back for the last decade. Buying absinthe online from overseas is buying ALCOHOL. This is considered as unaccompanied alcohol as it is an importation, whether 1 bottle or a pallet, whether for personal or commercial use. It is not the same as bringing back a couple of bottles on the plane with you duty free. Alcohol (and tobacco) when bought in unaccompanied attract an excise equivalent goods tax which goes straight into the governments coffer, as welll as customs duty and GST. This is not like buying a book on Amazon Ignis.... which falls under your example of private purchases of $1000 or under and the whole GST debate. That is just a goods and services tax of a piddly 10%. EEG tax is a whole other matter and goes up twice a year with no cap.... ever! Australia is one of the highest taxed countries in the world when it comes to alcohol. Some bottles we have to pay up to $60 AUS in EEG tax alone. So when you combine the boutique nature of our shipments, the road costs to get them to port in Europe, the shipping costs, the EEG tax, customs duty, GST, wharf handling costs, under bond storage, customs charges every time we take stock out of bond etc and then oh yes a renumeration for our business called a retail markup, you end up with an elevated price in relation to the overseas online prices. And yes of course there are the import permits required which is basically just an inconvenience and not so problematic when you know how to attain them. We are slowly growing and may be able to drop our prices a little in the near future but that is because of the support of our online customers in Australia as well as all those who frequent the Salon, who dearly want to see us succeed in a market jam packed with assbinth and big companies with plenty of advertising dollars to brainwash the masses. We will never be able to compete with the roque online traders with their untaxed prices and often times false declaration of goods. It would be gallant of them though to at least let their prospective purchasers know that there is the possibility their goods could be seized and taxes paid. But then they generally pass the responsibility of knowledge onto the purchaser and wash their hands of it. So Ignis, apologies for my long rant, but things had to be clarified I hope this information answers a lot of grey areas.
  3. Hi Graham .......and fellow wormwoodians..... I have not posted here for a very long time but have been keeping up with the forum as much as possible since we have become so extremely busy with Absinthesalon in Surry Hills so I guess this is as good a time as any to start posting again. Since you are in Sydney Graham, you really must make your way over to us to have a chat and a taste so you will see and appreciate just how many fine absinthes we do have available in Australia. We have 24 at the Salon, all French and Swiss, Eichelberger being just one of them. We have been open over a year now and have had over 14,000 happy absintheurs through, all drinking absinthe in the traditional fashion...only with water. In your post you wrote that you like to support the local industry by purchasing some Moulin Rooz.... It would also be nice to support the local industry who imports the fine absinthes here Granted that the taxes are very high here on absinthe because of the alcohol content but as Alan states, it is a touch and go affair when buying online and shipping to Australia. As a boutique importer we also have many other under bond storage costs etc to contend with. In regard to other retailers stocking quality absinthe here....there is no recommended retail price, retailers can basically sell a product such as absinthe for however much they choose and they often do. They can make alot more of a profit on absinthe than they do on wine and beer. This is why we stock most of the absinthes on the website so our customers have no legislative or governmental problems in procuring their desired drop and the prices can be kept at reasonable rate icluding all the taxes etc. Anyway ....drop me a line or come by and see us...we are more than happy to enlighten your soul with absinthe. All the best........Gaye and Joop.
  4. How incredibly absent minded and rude of me not to remember to check this thread on my birthday. A belated thankyou Joe, Derrick, bobt, Gwydion, Jules, Mat, LeRoy and Jetzster for your wishes even though I am a very quiet member of WS.
  5. Ok, I will have a stab at it. If the Colorado Desert lies to the south, could B. Alex be referring to Las Vegas north of the desert. Does streams of the heavens have something to do with the fact that Vegas is the only city visible from space due to all the lights? Have no idea what macaques have to do with it...wait ...monkeys...flying monkeys? Whole hoards of monkeys needed for delivery! The Spanish named Las Vegas but they are hardly Saracen pirates are they? Around the plates..... plates as in tectonics? Lakes of honey... Lake Mead outside of Las Vegas? Sultans, eagles, geese? Don't know. So is Obsello rolling out in Las Vegas near the big Coca Cola bottle? Or maybe he is going to secretly fill it with Obsello for a publicity stunt. That's it, I need another glass....
  6. Ah! Alan, I remember reading that post last year at FV, did not connect the two though. Thanks for that. Yep, out of sight, out of mind down here. Although at least it is not New Zealand. I wish we had the delay here as well for Australian shows... they are all cringe factor viewing.
  7. Hi Shabba, yes she was displaying the Bohemian style because that was the what they were focussing on... Bohemianism of La Belle Époque and speaking of the artists who frequented the Lapin. As far as we know though, no 'bohemians' actually burnt their absinthe in Paris did they? Or did they? It was just a shame that they did not show an authentic preparation. We are constantly educating customers, both trade and public, in traditional preparation. Just always makes it a bit harder each time when a French program only focuses on the 'Bohemian' ritual. I love my purist soapbox
  8. This quote directly above from Hiram is only too true after watching the third part of a series on Paris screened on TV. Unfortunately the preview here cuts off just short of Sandrine Voillet, the guide, as she enters Au Lapin Agile in Montmartre and shows us, in a 30 second slot, how to drink absinthe. To our horror she whips out a bottle of what looks like bluish Hills and, yes you guessed it, progresses to pour it over the sugar cube and set it alight. This was such a disappointment as the whole series was quite good on the whole and credited as being made in 2007. It seems that even the Czech marketing has infiltrated the source which of course I realise is just a tourist trap now along with the Moulin Rouge. Big sigh....so I brace myself for more stupid comments as a new week starts and people say to us... but the French burn it... we saw it on tele on SBS and it was a French program! Any excuse here for everyone to keep satisfying their pyromaniac tendencies when they see green alcohol.
  9. When shipment finally arrives in September, Polly Bar above will be stocking the Jades again, this time the Edouard and Nouvelle Orléans as well as Eichelberger and Obsello. Something more for Melbournians to look forward to.
  10. Nice Daniel! Brings back warm fuzzy childhood memories with Salvador Spud. What about a dead rubber chicken still life with absinthe?
  11. Truly the best French experience for Australians at Belle Époque bar, restaurant and patisserie in the tradition of the great brasseries of France. Decadent surrounds, sumptuous food and a most beautiful bar featuring the traditional 4 tap fountain. They have: Duplais Verte, Duplais Blanche, Verte de Fougerolles, Blanche de Fougerolles, La Ptite Douce, Kübler and Lemercier. Situated in the Emporium 1000 Ann Street Fortitude Valley. Can't wait to go back to Brisbane!
  12. For a cozy absinthe night out visit Polly Bar at 401 Brunswick Street Fitzroy. The ambience is Victorian (ie era) eclectic with comfortable furnishings and warm sensuous colours. Owned by the lovely Enzo and Mary, the bar itself is headed by Dave and Justin who will make your absinthe experience pretty much complete for Australian standards and they know what they are talking about. They have the Lemercier water fountain and the 2 and 4 tap traditional fountains where you can sit at the bar and help yourself to: Duplais Verte, Verte de Fougerolles, Blanche de Fougerolles, Kübler, Lemercier 45%, Lemercier 72%, Mansinthe. And of course the Jade Edouard and the Verte Suisse which used to flow out the door when it was in stock... but we won't talk about that! They also stock the usual suspects such as La Fée. Soon they may also have those addictively delicious liquid centred chocolate absinthe truffles.
  13. Danny/Mr Ricki Scrin, agreed, I don't think he was quoted out of context and more than likely just having a bit of one up manship with the Slayer guy and his Jäger. After all, it is his nature to say things that will cause a stir one way or another. Markus kindly organised for us to go backstage when Marilyn was in Sydney to sign a few bottles for us and believe me he knows exactly what absinthe is and what it isn't. I hope it does not contribute to any difficulties in Mansinthe entering the US.
  14. Thankyou for that Gwydion, that is very much appreciated. And thanks for all the welcomes from everyone.