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  1. Here's that fountain thread link. Fountain Thread
  2. Welcome! If you haven't seen the 'make your own fountain' thread I recommend it if you'd like to make some for your bar.
  3. Smithwick's and I'll rock my Notre Dame Jerseys.
  4. I'll have to give some of those brands you mentioned a try. Do you know where in Oki the dojo was? I've really been itching to get into Kendo, as I've always found the sport very interesting. Kendo and Ju Jitsu would be fun hobbies to keep me entertained and in shape. As for having tried the Habu Sake, I have not. I really want to but I can't bring myself to open the bottle and mainly use it as a conversation piece. I may buy myself a snakeless bottle to try one day, perhaps when I visit again in the future.
  5. at the 'Abstinence makes the Church grow Fondlers' Shirt.
  6. That's an interesting article. I'm not a huge Sake fan but I've had a few that I've quite enjoyed. I was also lucky enough to pick one of these up when I lived in Okinawa Japan. It's distilled and not brewed but it is also made from rice. As for the Namazake I can vouch for that going bad because my parents let me try a bottle that was in the refrigerator after having been open for months, UGH! Sake has a special place in my heart though because it's the first alcohol I've ever had. I had it for New Years with my Japanese Exchange family a long time ago. I think I have some pictures of my chubby ass drinking the stuff somewhere. I'll have to see if I can find them. 'Habu Sake Habu sake, despite its name, is actually not a type of sake. Instead, it is what is known as an awamori. Though both alcoholic drinks come from rice, awamori is created through distillation, rather than brewing. This type of drink is unique to its place of origin: Okinawa, Japan. Even among the different types of awamori, habu sake is a very special drink. It is made using the venom of the highly poisonous habu snake. The snake is said to have strong medicinal properties. For instance, some believe that it is good for back problems, arthritis, and removing toxins from the body. The alcohol within habu sake neutralizes the poison of the snake. In addition to this, many different herbs are added to increase health benefits. While individuals generally purchase a bottle with just the mixture, more expensive bottles will also include the snake. ' -From SakeUSA.com Here's another article on it. Okinawan Habu Saki
  7. Hmm, I guess I'll just have to acquire a newer bottle then and find people who are local and see if they'd like to have an exchange. I would never send wine or anything like that in the mail, oh no. Thanks for the reply Joe.
  8. First of all let me say that if this has been gone over before I apologize for I've only found one thread in which this was even remotely mentioned by searching for 'samples'. Also I went over the forum rules and didn't see anything mentioned about this, so here it goes. I've only had the opportunity to try a total of 2 genuine absinthes (Kübler and Lucid) as well as 2 Czechsinthes. I often hear about forum members exchanging samples and was curious as to whether or not members on the board ever sell samples. I've read about preban samples being sold but haven't seen anything on current offerings. I think that it would be a lot more economical for me to purchase various samples from a member as opposed to a bottle at a time to get a better understanding of the major and subtle differences between absinthes and as a result become a bit more knowledgeable about this drink. Thanks, and again sorry if this has already come up.
  9. I'll have to keep that bar in mind. I'll be up there in April.
  10. It tastes great. It has a rich history which is just as fun to learn about as it is to actually drink. Louching up a glass gives an experience different from any other drink. I've been able to chat with fine folks like yourself about something we mutually enjoy.
  11. Not from NJ but I shall say hello nonetheless. Hello!