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  1. I thought I'd at least everyone know that a buyer from Park Ave Liquor told me that they were going to be carrying the La Fee brand in the next few months. I realize that this isn't great news (considering the quality) but it is good to know that in just a couple months time the list has doubled (from 2 to 4.) Reading between the lines this is possitive news indeed and the more brands available, the more quality will hopefully increase due to competition/popularity. Even if it is a neon-green yawn and not the next Jade...






    The funny story is that apparently the rep from La Fee/England *crashed* Park Ave's Lucid party. There were some words between reps too arguing over which product was superior. Apparently, La Fee "should be bright green." Haha. Amazing what some people find "authentic." :)

  2. I just found out that my Drinkupny.com order is backordered until this Thursday. The problem is I have a party planned for Friday and won't be able to receive it on time! Damnit.


    So my question is this...since I have only used Drinkupny.com for the US Kübler, what OTHER sites in the US offer quick *in-stock* shipping of absinthe to Florida that could reach me by Friday???!!!




  3. What are you doing up at 3:59am!?!


    BTW, in the name of full disclosure on the impact of excessive DITA ingestion on one's physical and mental state, the SO has asked that I add the following warning:


    Ingesting more than 3 DITAs in an evening can result in laying on the bathroom floor while one's adorable little doggy takes advantage of one's leg, arm, head, etc. Also, you may find yourself asking for sweet death the following morning.


    First, if that time reference was in regards to me, the answer is because I am an overnight security guard with a lot of free internet time :)


    Secondly, I do not understand this *common* inability to handle DITAs. I'm not trying to boast and am certainly not the fraternity type but I enjoyed 3 DITAs and 2 french methods in a matter of 4-5 hours and felt great the whole time. The next morning? My cold was still there (not a surprise) but woke up without hardly a hint of a hangover. You guys must be louching with meds and not sugar... just kidding :)





    Another fellow NIN (fixedspiral) is always nice to see. Looking forward to the YZ followup.

  4. I know that DITAs have been discussed before but I thought to update some impressions.


    Basically, Kübler + Martini & Rossi Asti = A very drinkable/enjoyable way to reach the upper stratosphere quick. Think "Mountain Dew strapped to a rocketship." A few friends and I indulged in 3 or 4 of these and then put on Fear and Loathing. Can't remember when I've had such a great (read: intoxicating) time.



    Just in case others have had bad experiences with other champagne brands/types, Asti is so far the hands-down best to use. Because let's face it, sometimes, just sometimes the French method needs a break.




  5. By the way, your myspace is set to private.


    Anyone with a page feel free to add me (I won't bite, promise.) I only set it to private due to ex-girlfriend related issues.


    Long/sad story. Nothing like a little absinthe to ease things though :)







    Might as well ask this here but the correct pronunciation of "louching" or "louche" is loo-sh or low-sh? Kind of dumb I know but ever since I accidentaly mispronounced Le Corbusier at a furniture dealer, I've wanted to brush up on my accuracy...

  6. Hey guys.


    I've followed this forum for a while but havn't posted until now. Absinthe has been a fascination of mine for several years but it wasn't until Feb '06 that I took my first sip (mainly due to cost, you guys understand...) Needless to say I havn't looked back and now consider myself a real appreciator of absinthe. Once my tax check arrives hopefully I'll be able to put some Jade on the shelf next to my trusty Kübler.


    For more on me, feel free to visit www.myspace.com/beaucauchemar (yes, another person with a myspace page :) )




  7. I realize that this is a decently old thread but I thought maybe there would be some new contributions.


    Namely mine...




    I took a few people's advice and bought the Lowe's mouthwash dispenser (obviously) and a complimentary pedestal. I can't tell you how great it is to finally have a fountain for my favorite drink.


    Thanks again guys for such an excellent tip!