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  1. In other words, they aren't interested in anything unless it has the sign of being illicit or underground. The actual content ceases to be important. The sign is the thing, and as soon as that sign no longer says "illicit and underground", the story changes to reflect that. Absinthe itself is not a thing to be consumed and evaluated on it's own merit. Rather than actually trying to understand it from a connoisseur's perspective, they will simply report on what dilettantes think of the stuff. That gum you like is going to come back in style...
  2. What exactly is a "pseudo-intellectual"? That and "pretentious" always seem to me to be the flimsiest criticisms you can level at something/someone. They usually betray an unwillingness to see things outside of a very narrow world view, and pop up in arguments about wonderful things, like Robert Altman films, Krautrock and absinthe... Oh my god! I'm a pretentious pseudo-intellectual!!!!
  3. Good to see another Deadhead here too...
  4. They see into my soul and know my darkest secrets...
  5. So that raises a good question... where do I go from here? I liked the Lucid, though after the Kübler it seems to have a more alcoholic burn going on in the finish. The Kübler is a nice sippin' absinthe, but it seems a little one-dimensional to me. Any advice/links to relevant discussions are much appreciated!
  6. Welcome to the forum. I tend to keep my 'green hours' to about two a week. Well, let's just put the daily thing down to beginner's enthusiasm! I'm sure once I get used to the newness of the stuff, and/or find a new girlfriend, I'll be down to 2 or 3 times a week...
  7. Yes, Red Hook is not what it once was. Yuppies have discovered that you can buy a whole building there for the price of a loft in Lower Manhattan. Red Hook has had a reputation as an artists colony tucked away in darkest Brooklyn (which is what drew me there), with it's beautiful stretch of abandoned, decaying seafront warehouses. The new face of Red Hook is more along the lines of Park Slope- yuppies and their offspring in SUVs. I just moved this weekend because my old building got bought by a 32 year old promoter, and she doubled our rent! We have the nicest Fairway gourmet supermarket in New York here, and opening in the spring is the largest Ikea in the country... we'll see what happens to our quiet little artists colony here. It will never get too gentrified because of the lack of a subway anywhere near by. Still, everyone seems to be looking around and wondering what happens next...
  8. Precisely. As a complete newcomer to absinthe, Lucid was my first bottle about 6 weeks ago. It got me hooked on absinthe, so it can't be all bad, no? I have a bottle of the Kübler as well, and I enjoy both thoroughly, but I can tell these bottles are only the tip of a very large iceberg. I would say give it a go. The only thing to dislike about it is the completely juvenile packaging.
  9. Hello all... I was fortunate enough to discover your strange colony a few weeks ago while looking for reputable online absinthe reviews. I had been curious about absinthe for years before I finally tried it. Of course, when I was younger I believed all the myths about the drink, but thanks to the internet and that recent NYT article, my expectations had been reigned in before I had my first taste. Luckily, I live a few blocks away from LeNell's in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, and I was able to buy a bottle of Lucid as soon as it became available. What can I say? It came, it louched, it conquered. Consider me a convert. I have since gotten a bottle of the Kübler, and both are down to the last drops. Hopefully I can secure a bottle of the St. George before I take off for my holiday travels. I don't know what I would do without my little green hour every day. Strange how it has so quickly become a part of my life! As for me, I'm a 35 year old bachelor living in Brooklyn and working in TriBeCa. I'm a photo rep at a small agency. I love all sorts of odd art, music and film (usually the stuff that gets labeled "experimental"), and I get the impression that many of you here are similar types. I am also an avid follower of soccer and cricket, a bad habit I picked up living in England years ago. Anyway, that's me. Just thought I'd say hi!
  10. I love to pour myself a glass, light up my candles (sometimes other things) and relax with a few things: Brian Eno Can My Bloody Valentine Gene Clark but mostly the good ol' Grateful Dead. A long, lyrical Dark Star from 70 - 74, a mellow Scarlet > Fire from 77, a primal Other One or Alligator from 69. So many choices. Such a perfect marriage of spirit and music...