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  1. I don't believe he made those comments until I read them for myself. Don't ask about Oxy and me. There are things I cannot comment on but would like to.
  2. I actually like it a bit too much. I have about 60 bottles and twelve to fifteen preban samples and 2 bottles of preban. I don't really drink much except for absinthe. I still think the Jade Edouard is one of my favorites.
  3. Of course it is. But how would I inform you all otherwise? Advertising! Should I register under jmfranc2 ?
  4. Thank you for the correction. Sorry I suggested you were racist.
  5. Again, 100% false. When I posted that item for sale I wrote "original 1910 label added by me". You are mixing reality with your feelings towards me.
  6. Wow, I guess all the people that post items for sale ON THIS WEBSITE are shills' too? Isn't that a Jewish reference yo are making? I am offering a great bottle of absinthe at a more than fair price. Period. Buy it or don't buy it. End of story.
  7. Again with the assumptions. SHOW ME WHERE I SOLD SOMETHING FAKE?!?!? This is L'Artisanale, and filled with L'Artisanale. Should I take a picture of the bottle with today's paper so you can see the date. Give me a break. If you want the bottle, fine, buy it. I HAVE NEVER SOLD ANYTHING FAKE. What part of that is so hard to understand. Not one person will come forward claiming to have bought something from me that was fake.
  8. I just received an offer from a person here with A LOT of posts on this forum. Not everyone falls for the "group mind" around here. Bottle still for sale. $250 with shipping included in the USA. Feel free to email me at jmfranc@yahoo.com
  9. Have I sold YOU something fake? Of course not. You are assuming that I have sold something fake. Again, anyone personally buy from me that thought it was fake? Speak up. I have never done that.
  10. I have never sold ANY fake items - ever. I think Hiram, reluctantly, will have to admit that. All the preban I have sold was exactly that - and many claim it was one of the best they have had. Anyone who received fake ANYTHING from me - speak up. Let it all out.
  11. It's sealed. It's perfect. It's a great absinthe. Contact me. Hiram, 3,200 proxies.
  12. You know the guy? How much is thing actually worth? Can't be THAT good!
  13. One bottle of modern absinthe for $350 ?!?! WTF???? Same day delivery by golden coach?????? 1 bottle of L'Artisanale
  14. What did you use to do the etching? I want to do it to my fountain! Looks great by the way. Very good job!
  15. (Filmed in CA - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios), set in Germany in 1932 - absinthe was available at that time. Great movie, well worth watching. I was surprised to see the absinthe reference. Unlabeled bottle of absinthe. "I'll have something sweet and cold, please. - Louisiana Flip, sir? - Louisiana Flip? Yes, that sounds very nice. Thank you." Odd they would know about the Louisiana Flip in Germany. Greta Garbo (young and beautiful) John Barrymore Joan Crawford Wallace Beery Louisiana Flip: * 1/2 oz Absinthe * 1/2 oz Cointreau * 2 tsp Lemon juice * 1 Egg * 1 tsp Sugar * Nutmeg