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  1. /looks around, and sees the place still smells of the same wonderful, herbal fragrance. :-) Miss you guys! Hugs all around, and a sip of the good stuff under the bar for everyone! Cheers, Larsy
  2. Sorry. I haven't been drinking enough lately, and I am all out of sorts. Oh. and go to Hell, clown.
  3. 'Zactly. And I'd still bang one of his granddaughters. (The other is probably somewhere between 'mushy' and 'musty' by now...)
  4. Makes perfect sense to me.
  5. Cold water, slow drip. Store in dark, cool place. Don't overwater. (I am guessing you messed up on that last one, bub.)
  6. I'd eat that, for sure. Good old Papa. Never disappoints (unless you are one of his fucked-up but smokin' hot granddaughters).
  7. Lasanta is nice, for the price. I'm a MacAllen fan over all others personally, but I have a good selection/variety in tastes at the home bar still.
  8. I use them, periodically, with whiskey and scotch. I generally do not add water to mine, so these are fine for my purposes. if you're a big fan of adding a few drops/a splash to your beverage though, these serve less utility. As to adding these to absinthe, I've seldom had a glass sit long enough to get warm, . Then again, I DO live in Minnesota...
  9. Thanks, Scott! Good sleuthing!
  10. Not sure how a modern crapsin' makes the spoon fake without a mention in the link of a fake spoon coming with it.
  11. Yeah, it's an odd piece I picked up a (long) while back for next to nothing, and I wanted to get a value on it/perhaps sell. Looks better (real or fake?) than a lot of pre-bans I see either way.
  12. And if you can't read the maker, it says "Kermann's Absinthe". The patina looks real enough, but one never knows.
  13. Hey all, Trying to see if this recent find is worth anything, or not. Any ideas on authenticity/value here? If the answer is 'zero, dude', I'm not bothered.
  14. Good work, AmBear! Happy (1 day late) birthday!!!
  15. The more things change... Wait. Not much has changed lately, has it?
  16. A small group of friends of ours and us did a tequila tasting tonight, at our house. 1 blanc, 1 respo, and 3 anejo/super-anejos. T'was great fun.
  17. Great news! So glad Rene has gotten things up and running again. For those that haven't had the (real, genuine) treat of meeting him, his is about the sweetest, most genteel men you'll ever come across. A real class act.
  18. The situation is, unfortunately, still pretty much the same as it was when this thread was started. You can find St. George (but won't find me buying it), LTV (ditto), Lucid, Sirene, and anything else would be worse. Sirene is the only good one I find, and Lucid is the only other I'd consider buying (in a real pinch). Gotta love the interwebs though!
  19. Also, it is important to know that sugar has nother (whatsoever) to do with the louching process- It louches the same, with or without sugar. Any neutral sweetener, like gomme, table sugar, cubes, or even light agave syrup works. And... a good many of us don't use any sugar at all. I might use sugar in 1 out of every 8-10 glasses. Welcome to our wonderful world. Your wallet will never feel the same!
  20. So much good news in one single page. That's great, J&J! I can't WAIT tio make aviations out of that (and C can't wait to drink them, either)!
  21. I love you guys so much! Ya'll rock! Moreso than turning ... years old, for sure!!! :wheelchair:
  22. Started today off with a Pimm's Cup. Tiki drinks are on the docket shortly. Then... we'll see where it goes from there.