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  1. I seem to have had the good fortune to have run into a very nice presentation box containing a bottle of QE 2 12 year old single malt Scotch Whiskey. To try to explain the presentation. When you open the impressive blue box there is a jug with the letters QE 2 in bold gold letters, underneath that it says 12 year old single malt Scotch Whiskey. Tied to the top of the jug is the ceramic stopper with cork, in the neck of the jug is a WAX seal which keeps the whiskey intact. the jug is 750 ml and has been in the basement for about 20 years or so untouched after arriving on a return trip aboard the Queen Mary 2. The makers appear to be Beinn Bhuidhe Holdings; Inverary, Argyll. I checked around and it's currently selling for between 95 and 99 English pounds,or approximately $200.00 dollars. Well gang now what should I do with it now that I found it?
  2. I have an unopened bottle of Russian Champagne purchased approximately 35 years ago in Russia. The label fell off the bottle, but the bottle itself is perfectly intact, with the typical tin looking wrap covering the cork. If anyone can help with some history and / or tell me if it's worth anything I would appreciate it big time. this is the label that fell off.
  3. I thought that said Where's the CRACK dammit!? Anyhow Happy Birthday! and I'll raise ya one!
  4. You Know I was honestly afraid to look to see if anyone would recognize my birthday. I waited and waited still too sure that no one would care to say a word. Well now that I've looked all I can say is Thank You all for making this day a happy one, I will raise a glass in all of your honors and Thank You all from the bottom of my heart.
  5. Well Meatwaggon while I'd like to oblige you I can't. You see that although I killed myself last night I'm only mostly dead, and as you know, there is a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. With all dead, well, with all dead there's usually only one thing you can do. That's go through the dead mans liquor cabinet and drink all his Absinthe. But There's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead, mostly dead is slightly alive and we know what that means, I can still drink Absinthe, and ask dumb questions.
  6. Dakini while I appreciate your promise to be nice, it's too late. Due to your type first and ask questions later style, and already in a fragile emotional state, distraught over your snappiness and beyond all hope I KILLED myself last night.
  7. Retrogarde that I would Love to see!
  8. It's all good I'm not looking to be a pain and you all have answered my questions, thanx
  9. My wife will tell you that if that happened at least then I would be good for something.
  10. Do I open the bottle, not open the bottle or it doesn't make a difference? I've heard rumors unlike other liquors that Absinthe can continue to age, meaning improve/change in the bottle with out opening it, true?
  11. Interesting so just by the process of slowly drinking the bottle I am in essence aging the contents. So by default all Absinthe ages after opening, some for better and some for worse? I have read a number of times how in particular how Lucid sometimes improves with aging, and I'm using Lucid as an example because there is so much back and forth about Lucid and it's supposed fishiness. As with most other brands they seem to improve. And by the way Thanks Shabba (also)
  12. Excuse me while I ask some dumb questions. I am completely ignorant on the subject of aging Absinthe and could use some help. From what I've read some varieties of Absinthe improve over time by aging, while some others do not. How do I choose the correct type that would benefit from aging? Is choosing the brand to age completely subjective? Next, after I have chosen a particular brand to age, how is it done? Do I simply remove the cork and place the bottle somewhere safe? For example in a corner out of sunlight. Someplace where it wont get knocked over, or is there a more specific process that is used for aging? Finally if aging Absinthe is done by letting the bottle breathe open, does the level of original alcohol begin to decrease, evaporate over time? During breathing does dust enter the open bottle (I told you I was dumb)? What other changes are there to be expected from aging both positive and negative?
  13. OK Bluescat The Rev, Outstanding! Now how about trying Super Furry Animals album Fuzzy Logic. Not swamp blues, more like Brit Pop. But who knows?
  14. Made by Frenchman. this Absinthe Fountain made by Frenchman is probably made in China by a Chinese company named Frenchman!
  15. Welcome, kick yer feet up and set a spell, and good luck on your choice.
  16. There is a different version of the same do it yourself kit that comes from a company/guy called Green Devil, I think this guy Green Devil was interviewed a while back for (I think) a NY Times article, where he was treated like some kind of Absinthe expert. He and his Absinthe products are about as authentic as KOS is to Duplais.
  17. Leech, Louche, like hey man what's the diff it's all good!
  18. By all accounts I am a newbie but I'll throw in my 2 cents worth anyway. The label on the bottle looks to me like it's the type you get when you buy a brew your own Absinthe kit from Ebay or elsewhere. It looks like someone cooked up some home brew Absinthe bottled it and sealed it themselves for that extra BS fake quality look. Probably something to stay away from until one of the "old timers here give you the green "fairy" light.
  19. Retrogarde, if they gave awards here for design and ingenuity you would win a thinthy for sure!
  20. For any brand that is not available in the states to be mentioned so often as La Fee is to be for sale here in the U.S. I find curious. Although I have not tasted La Fee, from what I have read it's considered pretty poor, yet it keeps popping up and accidentally getting continuous phantom coverage. I wonder if this situation, that is, the false impression that La Fee is available here in the states if that is consistent across the web (forums etc.) or limited to just here?
  21. Actually I was attempting through my last post to point out that the OCD surrounding my LTV habit had truly reached the macabre. I have looked deep into the mirror of my soul and I have seen the devil stare back, and her name is Paris. LTV just may be the anti-Absinthe. Yes I've been a fool but I meant no harm, I was simply taken in by a shapely bottle and a convenient ride. Rest assured that in the future I will stick to killing my bottle of Balance while I nurse my other bottle of Marteau. And Dakini although I haven't had the pleasure of Kübler I have had the Lucid and while far better then LTV I can not say I liked it, It looks like I will be ordering from LDF in the future.
  22. File this under the category of; Karma exists, or do I really deserve this?. It's product placement from hell, thus proving that this Absinthe along with myself have lost any credibility we had left. If you want all the GORY details it's at http://www.tmz.com/2008/02/20/paris-has-a-...he-green-fairy/ I can now be found at your local sideshow, biting the heads off of live chickens.
  23. It is better to be thought a then to open ones mouth and ...!