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  1. Happy Birthday Christian!! :groupwave reversed: I hope it's been grand, good sir!
  2. So I guess this one won't make the WS Cookbook final draft...
  3. The sketch of their system on the website would sell me That’s quality artwork! Always trust quality artwork
  4. The book was better anyways...
  5. Hahaha Thanks Ben! All I can say is HEATING PAD'S ROCK!
  6. Skepticism reigns supreme as we all wonder what’ll come across the silver screen , er, T.V. screen That rhymed a bit, didn’t it?
  7. Joe,you crack me up man. I almost spit my coffee out. Thanks again to you all!
  8. Thanks gang! Thanks to you all! I just got internet restored, and much like the rest of the Eastern region, I am spending my big three-oh shoveling out from 22 inches of snow. But at least we retained electricity!! Melissa and I are making the most of it, believe you me. At least we can get Netflix since the net has returned! Thanks again to you all; when I have some much appreciated HG tonight, I will drink it in your honors!
  9. Shame on me for not getting on FB as regularly as I should; I would have known.
  10. Fitzcarraldo. About 22 minutes into the movie at the poker table. Looks like a vintage, yellowish tint, hint of green. Can’t ID the glass but looks like a Cordon, East glass, or even an Egg glass since the etchings are rather different. When he drinks from it, it gives more of a green hue. What do you think?
  11. To you sir! Have a Great day Bobt I hope it was great
  12. Hopefully very soon we’ll have lots more things to add to the list mentioned above… in book form (Semi-bump to the foodie project, which I am working on feverishly!)
  13. Today is yours good Sir! Hope you have a great and green Birthday!
  14. Agreed. But, people only see things from their own eyes. I mean I see it Brian, you see it. I think everyone else here sees it. But, well... hey, A.A. do you like your labels soggy or crunchy? Edit: And congrats Brian on 8k, as well!