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  1. Holy Tits… go way for the holiday weekend and come back to this news! It’ll take me the night to re-read the thread with all the links before I can speak intelligently on this matter, but by all means I’m joining the personal ban and throwing in with the WS Support Fund! I think this is such typical legal-beagle ploys and tricks it disgusts me. But, we’ll all face it down (producers and consumers) and hope cooler heads prevail.
  2. Belated buddy! Hope it was a grand one!
  3. That’s a solid question there. To caveat, I speak with no production authority so I would relent to any of our fine producers here but I would add my two cents and say… I’m not sure the ‘historical’ companies are really aware of, or view the domestic producers as a ‘threat’ per say. I’m sure they see increases in their international sales, but until recently there hasn’t been a lot of other competition. They’re well established, they have customer bases and anyone who buys absinthe from them probably will continue to do so (even if intermittently based on what can be bought in the U.S. now). In a couple of years perhaps, the U.S. domestic industry may still be “fledgling” but you’re on the cusp of seeing some really great things in this field, I expect.
  4. Always knew DrinkBoy was quite the gentleman, good ink and a great person!
  5. Great start! ~Salute~ But whether you stock up in bulk or order onesy’s and twosy’s over time, enjoying absinthe and WS are all that matter, regardless of how quick or slow one puts their toes in (or leaps head first for that matter!) Cheers to you all!
  6. We’re number one?!? I didn’t need a thread to tell me that! Congrats to us and our cause!
  7. I third, fourth and fifth! Definitely miss seeing you ‘round friend, and sure hope all’s good!
  8. Kathy!!! MUCH belated! SO sorry! I hope it was a great one, and look forward to seeing you this summer!
  9. A very, Very belated, friend! I hope it was a great one Ron!!
  10. Someone get this cat turned on to the WS Calendar for 2011!!!
  11. Yeah, but I didn’t. So sorry Bill! Happiest of belated! I hope it was wonderful and well deserved. Hugs, friend!
  12. There are some really great recipes in the cooking thread here, that is true. Right now I am in the process of compiling them along with a some other recipes into the WS Cookbook, which will be finalized and ready for print as soon as I finish my masters this month and can get back to finalizing the cookbook Semi-bump, but I’ll make an announcement when it’s ready for your kitchen shelves.
  13. Mmmmm, I think I've got to put this one in WS Cookbook also!!! (which I'm still working on btw)
  14. Well, and it can always be fun to re-read garbage once in a while… oh wait garbage night is Thursday…
  15. And thank you good Sir! If it gets obtrusive, any mod can move this thread into the media area, too.
  16. Mat B.

    Get me a job

    I’m late on this one as usual but since we’re all jumping on the ‘find me a job’ train I’ll point to someone who should at the least make a good day laborer <----------------------------- this guy!
  17. Caught this little bit on aperitifs in the Spring 2010 issue of Pittsburgh Quarterly. I was reading this at school while waiting to meet with one of my professors. All in all, its ink, but after reading it I was slightly disappointed. He didn't nail it, but he also didn't totally miss either. None the less, a good read considering absinthe is starting to be found in more digs around Pittsburgh. Don't worry though, I sent Mr. Sebastian a courteous email in regards to his notion of the "ritual young cocktail enthusiasts insist on" and why we 'insist' on it. At least he didn't mention fire... Edit: to try and reduce image size yet again. Edit Edit: I guess this belongs in the media section... I haven't had my coffee yet
  18. Only three? My my, well... I guess I don't live in that world