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  1. He just needs some bling on that chalice and he’ll be in good shape. Maybe a matching cane… (not for support, just accoutrement)
  2. I used to play the EQC all the time too, but then that one night… Oh wait we’re talking about BOC, and this is not gamblers anonymous. Whoops, wrong forum !
  3. Nah, JV… I don’t read it as agony from the masses, I see it more as fun folks reacting as they always do here – with an open mind, a bit of humor and a willingness to try something different (to an extent). As OMG pointed out earlier, to each his/her own. I laude you and your wife for a twist on the preparation that’s special for you both. And I may be wrong, but I don’t think anyone here is bent out of shape over it or looks down their nose at you both; I read the opposite. Cheers!
  4. Yeah Jules, like when I said I sometimes (read rarely, so maybe twice or thrice) sampled it neat, it was literally like two or three drops, just to get the mouth feel and the warmth. I can’t imagine how much is in a soaked sugar cube. But, here’s to the brave girl! Give her a medal
  5. Most agreed; though I have sampled few absinthes neat (merely a taste to wet the gums) but generally don’t make a habit of it. But when in Rome…
  6. I think tonight I’ll celebrate unpacking the entire place by myself (M2 did help, but she’s limited on carrying things due to the surgery) and being a new NY state resident by having some Ridge. I think that’s appropriate
  7. The good times just keep on rollin in! Bestest to you both!
  8. Your stash was decimated Joe, and here my stash is packed away in boxes, some for months just ‘cuz life gets busy, waiting on meeting some new folks to share it with. Hopefully NY will bring greener pastures…
  9. Man! Just when I thought I was almost done formatting the WS Cookbook, now I need to add all this!
  10. Much belated! To the hostess with the mostest!
  11. Well, I guess their only viable excuse is… they’re Suicide Girls! They can louche whatever they want! Edit to not sound cocky: JMO
  12. Ditto! Another fine job, and thumbs-up to the Time Traveler!
  13. There’s that OMG_ resilience and positive attitude I’ve come to know and love Sorry to hear, but wow, way to take the blows, Bill
  14. To our fearless leader!! Have a great day, Gwydion!!