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  1. I've used Paypal twice and it gave me problems each time. I think it's a dart-throw, or roll of the dice. Now I just send checks.
  2. Thank Zeus I was helping in prep for this one… that event brought new meaning to death in the afternoon for those tasters. I was a good way to being lit just at the WS tasting event at the ’09 TOTC (and those were tiny shot glasses even).
  3. Here’s a little update Holy Crap! I should hope not!
  4. Essai gets good reviews; the review section should have all you need info wise. I say pop that cork and enjoy it if absinthe is still your thing.
  5. The truth always (generally) comes out in the end.
  6. Excellent. I'd been poking around looking for news, and now here it is
  7. Belated! I hope it was a grand day there!
  8. Give me a break… Edit: I needed to add two
  9. Very true, it is a sparkling white wine. And also very true. Oxy did give me some input, and although apparently genuine and somewhat rare and unusual to find, the contents would be undrinkable today. But all in all, still a darn neat find and for ten bucks, I had to add it to the collection.
  10. Thanks gang. Absomphe you may be up to something. Jay, you’re welcome to tag along; apparently also the $3 Rudyard Kipling book I bought is an original first edition first print and in what I consider mint condition. Im’a go back again tomorrow and just have a once ‘round again. Good idea Baub! Vintage DITA, perhaps someday…
  11. So we were shopping at a local antique / unique / second hand store and I was immediately drawn to this bottle. I thought for sure I was seeing things and upon further examination I recognized it as an indeed vintage bottle of Asti Spumante by G. &L. Fratelli Cora, apparently labeled with a manufacture date of 1927. I have no idea how to re-size these further so any Mod help is greatly appreciated As you can see from the photos below, the levels are great, foil is nearly perfect and the cork and wire are intact; the labels are good and overall it looks like a great find! For the hefty price of just $10 I couldn’t resist. My question is what else? What does anyone know? Who's got more info? I poked around the internet for a bit but didn’t see much on vintage Asti’s. I got some limited info on Cora and its history. I searched Finest and Rarest, and I am thinking about emailing Oxy to see if he has any additional insight on something like this. Unknown where it came from, how it has been stored all these years or if the contents are well preserved.. Even if its worthless I still think it was a neat find worth hanging onto. If anyone can offer any insight, I’m all ears. Thanks ahead of time!
  12. That Pontarlier-style PB I took to the OC event last year was practically ruby-red. And it was delicious! Either way I think we’re getting lost in the colors, like we’ve all had two bottles of wine, three beers and an absinthe for breakfast before shooting our families… Absinthe is absinthe, from form to form, and regardless of aging or coloration (Czechsinth’s not counted) if it follows the recipe we support it. Am I right, or off-track here?
  13. Ha-ha! No problem SB. Brown lemonade... Classic!
  14. So while working on research for the ‘brown absinthe’ thread, I noticed a practically dead-on match for your topette SB; it’s in the Absinthe Encyclopedia, p. 285-86, and only in drawing form on period catalogues. Either way, might help narrow down your knowledge quest.
  15. Light and aging have a factor in the color (now) of the pre-bans and vintage absinthes; but we all know coloration and the final product vary between batch to batch, let alone brand to brand (quality brand versus cheaper, essence-based brands). Perhaps the author had a few too many glasses or a lesser quality brand? As Absomphe said on color… Edit: I scoured the Absinthe Encyclopedia, but didn’t find much explanation – but many more good examples of brands and color (Berger included) and I can say they certainly aren’t dirt-brown. Deep amber yes, reddish at times yes. But outright brown, no. Even my PB’s in their bottles look darker but are that fine amber when poured into a clear glass in a dose or two.
  16. Maybe we can get a color-the-food section of the WS cookbook? Good find Retro! Looks fun, if I had artistic skills and didn't eat my crayons...
  17. That’s a really neat, perhaps unique topette SB; by no means am I a topette connoisseur or expert, but I have never seen a topette in that shape. I have seen them with that chiseled-bottom like this from Oxy's page (not sure of the proper name for it, to me it reminds me of the base of a tumbler) but never in that particular, sweeping style. The etching seems right on the money as far as style; all in all I think that’s a great piece! I’d also love to hear the opinion of someone with authority on the subject.
  18. No but that still sounds pretty darn good.
  19. I’d like to see perhaps some kind of bacon-wrapped-bacon. Like bacon-wrapped Canadian bacon, etc.
  20. Depends on one’s desire and palpability to the herbal flavors. Despite absinthes that are overly bitter, I still prefer it without sugar. Course, I am hoping that helps to develop my own palate. The Duplais Blanche and Balance were my first absinthes (the blanche my first sip). I think for someone experienced with anise (Italian family) but not accustomed to wormwood and its flavor, it’s a good first choice. Kudos; feel free to pop over to the main page and write yourself a review.
  21. Not everybody lives to be entertained by the boob-tube