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  1. Those comments and questions require a lot of patience, understanding and wordsmithing! Keep up the good work Brian, and I encourage anyone with FB to also join the effort.
  2. I had a glass of Edouard with a piece of Lindt 75% dark chocolate.
  3. To you, good sir! Have a great day Scott!
  4. Well, aren’t we well connected? Airport folk didn’t much care for my English, and my German even less. Agreed, Frankfurt isn’t a peach either; I tried out Nürnberg, Frankfurt and Munich before finally deciding all my other flights would be out of Munich. But compared to CDG, I dunno. There was A LOT of construction, a lot of delays and aside from the fact the terminals are tiny, there was a lot of general confusion. I’d opt for Frankfurt, but chances are it’d just end up dumping you off in CDG to connect anyways. Edited to remove redundant word
  5. Thanks Jules! Hugs right back your way from the both of us to you and yours
  6. I’m sorry for your misfortune. There is a reason this is the worst airport in the world; As Alan stated, I don’t think you’ll find anything particularly interesting in the duty free shops either. And as a fellow traveler who has spent layovers at CDG – mine were mostly occupied going through a multitude of different security checkpoints. Including a third one right as we were boarding the plane. to you Retro!
  7. Baub! S’ok. Neither does this guy <------- Good pointers Jay! I appreciate that link.
  8. I’m taking my annual fall-break from coffee and heading back to tea. Just picked up a Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate Tea from the local Teavana at the mall here. I tell ya what – it’s pretty darn good. And much like absinthe preparation, I like the ritual around preparing lose leaf tea. I find it calming.
  9. Great recommendation! I really appreciate it!
  10. Back in PA in a closet somewhere I’ve got an unopened bottle of something green, something Czech and something with multiple stems and leaves floating in it that was a gift years ago from a very uneducated friend. Next time I am back that way I’ll post it to you for your seminars. I purposely left it behind in the move.
  11. Your mistake was thinking that meant quality! Bingo. Apparently nothing anywhere, of any make or origin is quality anymore*. *save some of the fine absinthes being produced these days
  12. Excellent! Most congratulations to the Ridge Crew! At least something is going right this week!
  13. Our hookah broke last fall; ‘hand made in Egypt’ my ass. The base grommet didn’t fit right, the stem/hose grommet that held the hose to the shaft flexed and wasn’t air-tight, and the bowl was way too small. We tossed it after my attempt to solder, tape, fix, etc. I am still looking for a decent, larger hookah that is quality made, and not produced in china en-masse.
  14. Classy, SB! mgs, sorry to hear that; sadly, I considered being one of those apes, but even though I am job-starved, I declined. I hope you get it corrected!
  15. I agree as well; however, I think that all WS members can approach this with a rational mind and not turn it into a slugfest. Given both Joe and Gwydion’s aforementioned comments we should be able to keep it clean I say avoid a first-buy based on hype or excitement! Just don’t buy into the first thing you find / see. Especially if it seems to get overwhelmingly mixed / poor reviews here. If you want an authentic, original absinthe experience I say avoid Bohemian-style products, and some of the overly-marketed brands above like LTV and Pernod – just my opinion, after all you’ve got better choices to select from! Take a day to read up. I recommend checking out some of the info from the main site (if not done so already). The reviews page also comes in handy when deciding a selection.
  16. I was waiting for someone to comment on that!
  17. Nah. Decided to forgo the taste bud torture and just keep it as a neat mantle piece; something to chat about. Maybe I’ll make up a cool story about how I got it or where it came from. I'm open to sugguestions. But for all interested (or bored) you can read a brief history about the producer that I found.