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  1. Life is like Ikea furniture: After you read the instructions it comes to a quick, brutal end. But I certainly thank you all for your input. It won’t be museum worthy, but when its done it will be a good place to relax and drip one. But, Maggie, I had been wondering what the frequency was of people who hosted Absinthe-related gatherings. Once I’m all set, give me a call and I’ll turn the green light on. You’re all graciously welcome to stop by.
  2. Ha! Thats why I posted the entire thing as opposed to cutting it down; Just imagine that I am sitting on your right, thats all.
  3. My first Absinth(e) was from Prague and was a gift from a friend who heard I was looking into Absinthe. He brought back a bottle of some random no-name (the name escapes me). After its failure to louche, or do anything good at all (including taste tolerable) I decided to make it into Kool-Aid. My alkie friends drank it; I opted just to have a Pabst Blue Ribbon instead. But turning it into Chechsinth Kool Aid got the uneducated masses drinking it.
  4. I may be a bit too-late in both this discussion and in time, but I like to drink my Absinthe this way: I pull the shades and put the iPod into its little radio thing and put on my “Green Room” Playlist. I found that I best like listening to music from the Great-Depression era; Late 20’s to mid 30’s. I enjoy all music and times, but for me drinking Absinthe makes me want to listen to Al Bowlly or Jack Hylton. Duke Ellington. Andy Kirk. Bing Crosby. All great, relaxing jams. Whiskey rambles me up- but Absinthe, that calms me down and makes me enjoy listening to something that graced the family wireless decades ago. Simpler times.
  5. Absolutely splendid! It’ll take me a bit but I still don’t think I could re-create that. But it gives me something to shoot for. I guess tune-in over the next year + to find out. Thanks folks!
  6. I’m willing to spend a reasonable amount on it. I don’t want to splurge for the sake of doing so, but I also like ‘finer’ things-so I’m willing to spend hard to get quality equipment. Thanks for the tips- I’ll keep my eyes open for nice lamps.
  7. The longest I’ve waited? Well, currently I am waiting 15 months. In Germany it took DHL 2 days to deliver bottles to my flat. It takes my vendor about 8-10 days to get my Absinthe from the UK to the East Coast. But right now- I sit in a little Absinthe-less place called Iraq. Yeah, some Absinthe drinkers serve their country. So even though I continue my Absinthe orders to ensure the stockpile stays adequate, I have to wait the entire 15 month period before I can enjoy it. But, its ok. The shakes subsided about 90 days into it….
  8. I have found that most people have little to no idea what Absinthe involves, or is. Most only have heard of it from a movie or hear-say. Even when educated and presented with a freshly-louched glass of Absinthe, they simply don't want to try it. Me personally? What attracted me to Absinthe was the connection to simpler, finer times. The ritual called to me. I like things that require a little effort- much like lighting up a pipe smoke rather than grabbing for a cigar. I like the accouterments associated with it all. When I think of someone enjoying a glass of Absinthe done the right way, I think to myself “now there is someone who has patience, and good taste”. It seems that ‘these days’ people lack a lot of things; patience and good taste being some. Some people just don’t get it.
  9. Greetings to all and I am very glad to make my first post. A little background; I first got interested in Absinthe when watching HBO's program 'Carnivale' and seeing Lodz and his Absinthe drinks. I did some research, asked around, and read a LOT (to include from the WS which I found to be my one-stop shop for ALL my Absinthe questions). I also was privy to living in Germany for some time where I was able to obtain some European brands. I am new to the trade, but I think a little less ‘green’ than the average newbie. I submit: I still learn every day something new as I attempt to increase my Absinthe knowledge. I am looking to purchase my first house in a little over one year. I want to construct an Absintium as I am calling it. I always wanted to have a homemade bar- but I want to take it a step further. I want to devote and entire corner of the basement into creating an Absinthe Café. Since I have a year or more to plan; what should I plan for to best re-create a Belle-esque scene in my own home? Aside from Absinthe and spoons, fountain- etc. There are a number of artifacts I have seen out there; drippers, spoons, and such. How about furniture? Can one create a totally Absinthe bar with built-in fountains and such? Has anyone done this or something similar? I have the time to plan, so any input is greatly appreciated.