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  1. Belated Wendell!!! Hope you had a great day my friend. You're almost as rare around here as me! I hope you're well.
  2. Much Belated!! Oh wait this is more like it Hope you had a ball, friend.
  3. Belated! Hope you had a wonderful day! Wishing you both the best!
  4. I like the al Fakher, myself.
  5. And then some! Well worth the 'investment' if you want to call it that. It really is an investment in an historical experience. Retro, where's your time machine right about now?
  6. To my favorite expatriate friend! Happy Birthday Ron!! Whatever you have to celebrate today has to beat dog-kebab and imitation fanta from the guy at the street cart down the road from the customs building up there If he is even still there... Have a great one!!!!
  7. S'ok Ambear. Someday soon the wife and I will jump back into the 21st century.
  8. [reminds self to get T.V. someday]
  9. My personal favorite is the McCormick anise extract; classy.
  10. Holy tits, how'd I miss this one! Looks great! Best of luck with it Scott!!
  11. Most certainly not, especially if drinking KOSG, you human paraquat! I can only conclude deduce that thujone must stimulate the memory centers make you trip ballz. Wow. Literary genus, Brian. Thanks for stumbling onto that one.
  12. Belated, Christian!! I hope you're well, and your time travels are treating you well.
  13. Many, many, MANY apologies to you all! My birthday came and went so quick and was so busy that it almost didn’t cross my mind. I thank you all very much for your well wishing! I have had much worse I think, but it certainly could have been better, less hectic. I am sorry to say right now life in my part of the woods is pretty bleak. Just life, job and family woes. But, not as bad as some, and better than others I suppose. So I can’t complain. But do know that I appreciate each and every one of you, and your above responses made me feel special for a few minutes today.
  14. Very Happy Belated A.A.! I am so sorry I missed this, and I hope you the best of health, luck, spirit and love this year!! Bestest! <3
  15. Sorry gang, I’ve been away on business and didn’t have my computer with me. So here goes… I will fess up to causing such a ruckus here. It was I – I had often wondered about the hype surrounding the PB’s and thought it would be great to conduct a ‘social experiment’ to see how an average absinthe imbiber would rate a Pre-Ban in a blind tasting. Would it measure up? I intended to find out. I suppose that is to be determined by how the results will be interpreted. And even if so, how could a distiller not benefit from a comparison with original product of the era? I personally see no foul in it, but for varieties sake (as it can’t be in every blind tasting event) where it may be seen as an anomaly in the overall results. There had been some off-line discussions on how a Pre-Ban would stand up against domestic and import brands of current; I thought this smaller setting would be the right time to have the social experiment play out. If it has caused such a stir, I apologize – but I think it was valuable to have done. Fair enough; to each their own From an organizational standpoint, I can’t comment since I was unable to attend the Catskills event – but I do know that I wish I could have, if only to have been able to see first-hand the results of the tasting event. I am sorry that it has ruffled so many feathers here on the forum.
  16. Bestest to someone well desrving! to you Brian! Thank's for all you do!
  17. Happy Birthday Buddy! I still haven’t got you a new shirt to replace the one I spilled a drink on at last TOTC ’09. I’ll make good on that, I swear! Meanwhile have a helluva good day! :groupwave reversed:
  18. Best update I've seen after spending a few days off-line! Congrats!
  19. We’re celebrating this guy? Congrats my friend! I know you’ll turn whatever today brings you into pure gold, sir. Gold. Wishing you all the best!