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  1. Holy Toledo! Ahem, anyways I cooked myself some salmon with Pernod Ridge this evening. Damn fine herbal finish on that fish. Ridge… it’s not just for drinking, folks.
  2. Belated Scott! I am glad it was a grand one
  3. Belated Ryan! Hope it was filled with greatness
  4. S'ok all, I'm taking my bow Ha-cha-cha!
  5. It looks like you may have visited about half of the countries / stores I saw with the same neon-green horror calling tourists in. Funny how the places that sell real absinthe are often off the beaten path and not well advertized (for the most part).
  6. Now, the gloves are coming off. A-freaking-Men! I'm still perfecting an absinthe at Steelers events combo...
  7. I have a feeling Brian will take care of this one
  8. Welcome Jeff! Trust me, no one really wants to bust-balls just for ole’ sakes sake; poke around here and you’ll get both breadth and depth of knowledge from the pro’s. All things absinthe. Hell, that’s why I joined.
  9. Well I guess there are still some people under the rock, so to speak...
  10. Well, I've been hesitating to post something I wrote last year while imbibing because it was too somber but baubel’s broaching darker topics just may inspire me to share.
  11. Great news despite NY's cut. But I guarantee once you pay the piper the experience will be worth it. Great news for the Ridge Team!
  12. Gosh! Much belated LeRoy! I hope you had a great birthday my friend!
  13. Nifty. For once a good find on e-Bay.
  14. 29? What happened to 28?!! Happy Birthday Jules!!! May your 28th be your bestest yet!
  15. Welcome! The wife and I grew up in, and recently left the 'Burgh (and miss it all the time)
  16. Circus Café serves Kübler proper, having fountains etc. They also make a good Sazerac (though not as good as Joe does). We found this place almost by accident and will be going back again for sure.
  17. Indeed, and ditto! This is a great place.
  18. Belated Indeed!! Happiest of Days!
  19. I couldn't have said it better myself. Though I did on occasion get a talking to on the 'correct' way to smoke, pass etc - but I think it was mostly obligatory to show tribal dominance.
  20. I'm secretly hoarding a bottle from the first run - just can't open it until I know more is on the way