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  1. 30 + days belated my dear friend but, I'm sure you don't mind. Bestest!
  2. Thanks all S'Ok Pete. Emotion(icons) are always lacking in this household! Sorry I haven't been around too frequently, gang. Between the ongoing divorce and an insane work schedule, I generally just come home every day and eat then go to bed. Though I keep resolving to spend more time on here come weekends, and when I can. Thanks for your well-wishings! It is appreciated \
  3. Oh my goodness! Much belated Bob!! It's been a long while; we need to catch up via email again! I hope you had a blast!
  4. Belated Kathy!! I think about you guys all the time
  5. On my 'next' list! I still have a bottle of Marteau from the old European line sitting unopened on my shelf I'm saving for a rainy day It's lonely and needs a brother or sister.
  6. Intrigued indeed! Miss a few weeks around here and boy do you miss just about everything.
  7. Welcome! I've been to Oregon a few times; I liked it %50 of the time
  8. All things being considered, I think they'll be ok. I just need to replenish my own stash of domestic's (I need some Marteau, MoL, Pacifique etc) but in due time - I'm still setteling in here after some recent shake-ups and shake-downs on the home front. Most of those folks just seemed happy to have been told absinthe isn't something you light on fire and tripp ballz on. Though the anti-fire icon on the back helps ["if its on the bottle it has to be official"].
  9. I introduced some coworkers to absinthe (via a bottle of Ridge) at a holiday party last night. It was a rousing success. There may be new customers / consumers soon
  10. Ridge Blanche '09 tastes better with time. Coin that, Joe...
  11. I have a really long list of things (people/corps.) to add to that if you'd let me, Jay
  12. Very odd... I'll save my speculation for later. Edit: "Way" too many "quotes" and smells far too "fishy" to me.
  13. Belated! Hap-Hap-Happiest of days Baub! How the Hell did I miss this one??? x 1,000,000.33
  14. I think I need an absinthe just to help me properly work that equation
  15. Thanks, every one of you! I really appreciate it. I had as much fun as you can for a Monday-Birf'day. Your wishings bring joy to my heart
  16. Belatedest of Belated, Brian!!! Hope all is well!