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    I discovered absinthe while living in Europe in 2006.<br /><br />Seize life and opportunity when you can; they both go away before you know it.
  1. Mat B.


    30 + days belated my dear friend but, I'm sure you don't mind. Bestest!
  2. Mat B.

    The Gentleman of Verona!

    Thanks all S'Ok Pete. Emotion(icons) are always lacking in this household! Sorry I haven't been around too frequently, gang. Between the ongoing divorce and an insane work schedule, I generally just come home every day and eat then go to bed. Though I keep resolving to spend more time on here come weekends, and when I can. Thanks for your well-wishings! It is appreciated \
  3. Mat B.

    Bob's Big Day!

    Oh my goodness! Much belated Bob!! It's been a long while; we need to catch up via email again! I hope you had a blast!
  4. Mat B.

    Bluewolf Pete's Day Today!

    Much belated, friend!
  5. Mat B.

    Have a great day Kathy

    Belated Kathy!! I think about you guys all the time
  6. Mat B.

    Drink Boy!

  7. On my 'next' list! I still have a bottle of Marteau from the old European line sitting unopened on my shelf I'm saving for a rainy day It's lonely and needs a brother or sister.
  8. Intrigued indeed! Miss a few weeks around here and boy do you miss just about everything.
  9. Mat B.

    A hearty HELLO from Salem, Oregon!

    Welcome! I've been to Oregon a few times; I liked it %50 of the time
  10. Mat B.

    Cheers from Washington DC

    Welcome to you good Sir!
  11. All things being considered, I think they'll be ok. I just need to replenish my own stash of domestic's (I need some Marteau, MoL, Pacifique etc) but in due time - I'm still setteling in here after some recent shake-ups and shake-downs on the home front. Most of those folks just seemed happy to have been told absinthe isn't something you light on fire and tripp ballz on. Though the anti-fire icon on the back helps ["if its on the bottle it has to be official"].
  12. I introduced some coworkers to absinthe (via a bottle of Ridge) at a holiday party last night. It was a rousing success. There may be new customers / consumers soon
  13. Mat B.

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Ridge Blanche '09 tastes better with time. Coin that, Joe...
  14. I have a really long list of things (people/corps.) to add to that if you'd let me, Jay
  15. Very odd... I'll save my speculation for later. Edit: "Way" too many "quotes" and smells far too "fishy" to me.