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  1. I can't remember for sure, but I believe it was the Absinthe Edouard.
  2. Haven't posted in a long time, but I had a party a while back, and a friend snapped this photo and emailed it to me:
  3. Lies! It's for setting absinthe-drenched sugar on.... oh, I'm sorry, wrong forum.
  4. Is this a license to burn absinthe? I can't imagine what else those matches would be used for.
  5. Nice. I live about 20min from Morgan Hill. Be sure to stock up plenty.....
  6. Actually, if you throw enough money at this problem you could make a faux-ban that tastes just like pre-ban. You can categorize every type and proportion of molecule in a bottle of pre-ban with gas chromatography, or freeze a sample and subject it to x-ray crystallographic analysis. Then synthesize the molecules from scratch in their proper proportions, or extract them from raw ingredients. Of course each bottle produced this way might cost several thousand dollars, but at least the stuff wouldn't run out like pre-ban will. Some day the dwindling supplies of pre-ban would drive their prices up to the point where faux-ban would become competitive.....
  7. This is completely unsatisfactory as an answer to the question. I want to know the name, address, phone number, and social security number of the person who sold it to you, as well as how many additional bottles of it he has left. Additional helpful information would be what times he is in/out of the house, how many ground floor windows there are, and if anyone else lives in that residence. Thank you.
  8. Here I am searching for a previous post and I come upon this thread. What a pleasant surprise! Thanks people!!!
  9. I sugar every drink. Sometimes I even use two tablets. There is nothing noob or unmanly about it.
  10. Hey, what did the Hindu say to the Zoroas.... never mind.
  11. Does this mean I can start making fun of some other religions now, since this cherry has clearly been popped?
  12. I'm currently using a metal (brass?) t-cap I saved from a bottle of Hennessy.
  13. Bah, LTV ain't that bad. It's just not a good absinthe is all.
  14. I just received my Bell Amie, took about 15 minutes carefully removing the wax, then slowly twisted the top off, and the cheapass plastic broke! Booooooo........