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  1. Hello Poor, I have frequented bladeforums occasionally. The forum where I found most of my knives was "microholics". Thanks Hiram, I just could not see paying those prices. Glad to hear her La Bleue's are not the end-all ultimate absinthe nirvana that some of her reviewers claim. I just took her as being kind of accentric and greedy. I did not know anything about her online reputation or previous dealings with online forums. As far as ordering alot of selections, I figure why go through many nerve-wracking orders and waiting for overseas shipments? I would rather get it over with fast and have lower shipping rates. Now I will be able to let the bottles I don't care for run out, and make notes for the ones I will want to replace eventually. I figure I will most likely narrow down my favorites to around a dozen varieties. I will be sure to share my thoughts and reviews on these selections, even if I am an amateur. This is a great forum!!
  2. I'll probably drink up the lesser quality bottles first and save the best for last. I'll bet that most likely, the crappier bottles are the ones I picked that were not in the "Recommended" or "Classic" or "Deluxe" categories. Some of them did not even have any reviews, so I just took a chance. I could have played it safe and only ordered the recommended varieties, but I wanted to see for myself with some of them. I haven't yet tried bad or good absinthe, so I'm thinking I will start with the bad and work my way up to the ones I already know are good by reputation. Who knows? I might even like a few that some people don't like. The varieties that I bought 2 bottles each of are all recommended.
  3. Hey peridot, How many varieties in my list do you consider crappy?
  4. I am located in the western part of the state in the mountains near Asheville. I don't live in Naples, I just have my PO Box there for my business. It is so small, I don't even think it qualifies as a community. It is much nicer picking up my mail at a small country post office instead of going downtown where the parking and traffic are terrible.
  5. I wanted to include a bottle of 1901 with my order, but it was out of stock.
  6. Yes, I will be keeping a journal on my experiences with all 36 varieties. I will eventually try to use the official review format once I gain some confidence and knowledge from hands-on experience. From what I hear, I already wish Jade Edouard was available in 1 liter bottles.
  7. Thanks Shabba. I figured I should taste them all and see what I really like best. Should I taste the bad stuff first or the good stuff? Once I have tried them, I suppose I could give away the really bad stuff as Christmas gifts. Might be a little tacky giving away open bottles as gifts though.
  8. Thanks for the heads-up peridot. I figured I would be safe there since I already learned about the garbage varieties. I also noticed that Alandia is pushing alot of that same stuff. They say Strong68 is their "Best Seller". Go figure. I will be able to determine my favorites from this collection and also figure out which ones I will never want to order again.
  9. Absomphe, That was actually 5 orders, not 4. I placed my 5th this morning to round out the selections. Absinthe.de = 12 bottles Absinth24.Net = 6 bottles Alandia = 7 bottles Liqueurs de France = 6 bottles Absinth24.Net = 9 bottles I may be a little OCD, but I don't regret this at all.
  10. Hello OMG_Bill and baubel, The guys at Absinthe Classics mentioned a new "Doubs Mystique" and a new "1797" selection. I waited for a while because they said it would be available at the end of October. Then they changed the estimated date to mid November. This was also when they said they would have alot more Jade Edouard in stock. I got tired of waiting and they let me order 2 bottles of Edouard, so I went ahead and ordered. It will be interesting to read the upcoming reviews on these items.
  11. Here is the list of my orders combined for my collection. Absinthe 72 Amer Angélique 72 Verte/Elixir des Anges Angélique Verte Suisse Blanche de Fougerolles Blanche de L'Heure Verte Blanchette Bonne Mère Brevans H.R. Giger Capricieuse 72 Clandestine 53 Duplais Blanche Duplais Verte Eichelberger Elixir du Pays de Fees FrancoSuisse François Guy Jade Edouard Jade Verte Suisse Jade Nouvelle Orleans JeanJaquet Kuebler 45 L'Interdite La Muse Verte La Valote "Francis Martin" La Valote "Willy Bovet" Montmartre Moulin Vert Partisane Vintage 2004 Strong68 Suisse Verte Clandestine TRUL Absinthium 1792 Un Emile 68 Un Emile 68 La Blanche Versinthe La Blanche Limited Verte de Fougerolles White Fairy
  12. Hi LeRoy, Back when I was checking into the Czech varieties, I looked everywhere for a review on Zele Premium. I wondered if people think it tastes as aweful as KOSG. I never could find a single review on this stuff. Looks kind of like blue Listerine mouthwash.
  13. Thanks Absomphe. In one of my emails to Betina, I asked her what she thought about the absinthe-related online forums. This was before I had even checked out this forum. She said that the online absinthe forums were just a bunch of pompous drunks. She left the forums in tears. Red flags went up when she said that.
  14. Hello everybody. I have been lurking here for a while and finally decided to join since I have officially placed my first orders. Boy, am I glad I didn't make any impulsive purchases before doing alot of research on absinthe. I came very close to being suckered into buying several different Czech varieties. I thought I had finally found the real deal once I discovered Green Fairy, King of Spirits Gold, Zele Premium and the other high-octane thujone potions. I came so close to ordering this stuff, but something kept telling me to keep researching. Some acquaintances also convinced me of this as well. Well, one day I was visiting an online forum specializing in automatic knives, and I decided to make a post in the "anything goes" section regarding absinthe. I mentioned King of Spirits Gold and Zele Premium. Many people chimed in with mostly negative things to say about absinthe or changed the conversation to Tequila or XO Cognac etc. One gal replied that if anybody wanted "Real" absinthe, they should contact a lady named Betina and she will hook you up with the real deal. She even added that if you call her "Mistress Betina", she will give you a discount. I thought that was pretty funny, but I went ahead and emailed her. Betina sent me her long introduction, customer reviews and price lists. After studying her information for several days and sending and receiving many emails, I was pretty excited about her Suisse La Bleue selections. I was getting ready to place an order for a few Suisse selections, and a few commercial bottles she also sells. Something was holding me back and nagging at me, THE PRICES. I decided to do some checking around at other recommended absinthe vendors in France, Germany and England. Good thing I did!! Betina's products were more than twice the cost of the other vendors products, including shipping. Plus, Betina does not accept credit cards which was a big negative for me. After discussing this with her, she seemed quite put off and defensive. I recall her saying how "disconcerned" she was and why I bothered asking her all those questions etc. I replied that at the time I started asking her about her products, I hadn't yet checked the prices of other vendors. I told her that I was "disconcerned" that she was trying to charge me more than twice the cost I should be paying. She tried to say how my chances of having my order damaged or confiscated by customs was very high, and that she takes more care in her packaging and such. I just kind of went my own way after that and she stopped emailing me. Anyway, I had a brand new Visa card burning a hole in my pocket and I felt I had done enough homework to make some good selections making purchases through recommended vendors. Well, I have made orders through 4 different vendors and am eagerly awaiting for the FedEx man to arrive next week. I purchased several different Swiss La Bleue varieties, several blanche and verte French varieties, a couple Austrian and German varieties and even a couple Czech selections (1792 and Strong68). I'll probably regret the Czech purchases, but I wanted to have a couple just to know what the bad stuff tastes like. This was very expensive, but I am doing something I have always wanted to do and will always remember. I think I will have enough to last a few years, around 40 bottles. I ordered 2 bottles each of only a few selections: Jade Edouard, Clandestine 53, François Guy, and Blanchette. Whenever possible, I ordered 1 liter bottles. I also ordered some inexpensive glasses, spoons, sugar cubes and a book from "La Maison d'Absinthe" in New Orleans, LA. Even though I occasionally have guilty feeling about spending this much on my absinthe collection, I feel this is a worthwhile investment for many good times to come. I can't wait to surprise a few good friends and family members on special occasions. I guess I will always wonder what Betina's Suisse La Bleue's are like, but I won't lose any sleep over it. Let the good times roll!! I am so glad this forum is here. Not only did it help me make very important decisions in purchasing, but it seems like a great place to hang out and chat with good people and have a good time. I look forward to sharing my new absinthe experiences with everyone, and reading all about yours as well. Cheers!!