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  1. Well, I appreciate all the input from everyone. Since I have already made my purchases, it doesn't really help me to say I should start sampling at the top shelf category. I am having a great time sampling and learning from the bottom on up, except for the Czech stuff. I have added 4 more selections to my tasting, and here is the list of how they fare according to my amateur taste. This is just the #1 level of my list. The results are fun and quite surprising. I am now working my way into the Suisse Verte's. I really appreciate everybody's help and recommendations on my tasting. It really doesn't help at all though if you tell me I shouldn't even bother testing 2/3 of the choices I have already purchased. What do you expect me to do? Throw the lesser quality stuff away? Of course I will take the time to taste everything I bought and saveur them gradually as I work my way up to the premium stuff. If I just skipped everything and went straight to the premium stuff, I would be stuck with ALOT of bottles of absinthe and feel like I wasted my money. The way I am doing this now seems perfect to me. Of course, I feel like I wasted my money on the Czech selections and the La Bonne Mère, La Muse Verte, and Un Emile 68. Everything after that has been alot of fun and I have no regrets at all. #1 La Bonne Mère * 0.25 La Muse Verte * 0.50 Un Emile 68 * 0.75 Un Emile 68 La Blanche * 1.00 Abisinthe 72 Amer * 1.25 Partisane Vintage 2004 * 1.50 White Fairy ** 1.75 Angélique Verte Suisse ** 2.00 Moulin Vert ** 2.25 Versinthe La Blanche Limited ** 2.50 Angélique 72 Verte/Elixir des Anges Suisse Verte Clandestine François Guy #2 Kübler 45 Jean Jaquet L'Interdite La Valote "Francis Martin" La Valote "Willy Bovet" Capricieuse 72 Clandestine 53 Elixir du Pays de Fees FrancoSuisse #3 Blanche de Fougerolles Blanche de L'Heure Verte Blanchette Brevans H.R. Giger Duplais Blanche Duplais Verte Eichelberger Jade Edouard Jade Verte Suisse Jade Nouvelle Orleans Montmartre Verte de Fougerolles
  2. Who has the 75cl bottles? Absinthe Classics still only has the 50cl bottles.
  3. Thanks, I already purchased all the varieties in my list, so I am gradually working my way up to the best selections. I am starting to experience better quality as I progress upward. The Trul 1792 and Strong68 were big mistakes and a waste of money. I don't even have them on the list anymore. I am trying to forget those completely. Out of the 6 varieties I have already tried in the list, I would be happy to drink 3 of them again in the future. The other 3 were not terrible, just not impressive at all. 7 more to go in level #1 in the list. It has been very tempting to just rip open a bottle of Jade or Duplais right away, but I am pacing myself and enjoying each selection more and more as I go through the list. It is alot more fun now that the worst selections are out of the way.
  4. Look down to the #3 tier in my list. All of those are listed there except for the 1901. I didn't order Jade PF 1901 because they were out of stock.
  5. I ordered both "Angélique 72 Verte/Elixir des Anges" and "Angélique Verte Suisse" from Absinth24.Net. Each one has a separate description on this page: https://www.absinth24.net//absinthe/index.p...e-absinthe.html
  6. Could be, I hope not though. Obviously, they all have different labels and descriptions on other vendors sites. The desription for the "Angélique 72 Verte/Elixir des Anges" was something like that it was a special vintage or run that was "limited" or "special", different from the regular "Angélique Verte Suisse". Maybe the alcohol content is higher than normal or maybe it was a special run made like many other distillers have done? If not, looks like I have 3 times that much of that brand. Sure hope I like it!!
  7. Well, I have been refraining from starting as many threads as I had starting out posting here. Thanks for bringing that to my attention Hiram. I apologize for my enthusiasm and not doing searches in the archives first. I have worked my way up my list 6 times, only varying a little from the original list. I am not experienced enough to give you thorough, professional reviews...so I will merely tell you how I ranked the varieties in my humble opinion. This list started out in the order that I tried each variety, then I changed it to show the rankings from the lowest to the highest (so far). I am being very conservative and using a grading system of 1-10. I am still in the 1st tier level of 3 levels in my 34 varieties to test. I will probably need to adjust the numbers once I have worked my way through all of the varieties. I did not include the Czech stuff, eliminating Trul 1792 and Strong68. I didn't see any point in confusing things. I have been louching sometimes 2:1, but usually 3:1 and sometimes 4:1 water ratio. I did purchase the ceramic mouthwash dispenser from Lowe's. Works great, except for excessive condensation. The main obstacle was trying to find a suitable stand to set this dispenser on. You can't fit the absinthe glass underneath the spout without a stand. I ended up buying a 6 inch white PVC section with a plug in one end. Works great. My glass drippers arrived from La Maison. Nice. I like them alot, but the stream is a little fast. I also started using a 1:1 sugar/water ratio simple syrup instead of a spoon and sugar cube. NICE!! Here it goes so far: * 1.00 - La Bonne Mère = Boring, only tastes like weak ouzo * 1.25 - La Muse Verte = Pretty much like Bonne Mere, just a little more flavor * 1.50 - Abisinthe 72 Amer = Surprising, my first "slight" green fairy experience * 1.75 - Un Emile 68 = weak louche, decent flavor, kind of thin, disappointing. ** 2.00 - Un Emile 68 La Blanche = Good!! nice louche, good fairy experience ** 2.25 - Versinthe La Blanche Limited = even better louche, spicy peppery flavor, a step up Can't wait to move forward. I usually only try 1 variety per day, but I tried 2 today. The Un Emile Blanche was much more impressive than the verte IMHO. Next: White Fairy Partisane Vintage 2004 Moulin Vert Angélique 72 Verte/Elixir des Anges Angélique Verte Suisse Suisse Verte Clandestine François Guy #2 Kübler 45 Jean Jaquet L'Interdite La Valote "Francis Martin" La Valote "Willy Bovet" Capricieuse 72 Clandestine 53 Elixir du Pays de Fees FrancoSuisse #3 Blanche de Fougerolles Blanche de L'Heure Verte Blanchette Brevans H.R. Giger Duplais Blanche Duplais Verte Eichelberger Jade Edouard Jade Verte Suisse Jade Nouvelle Orleans Montmartre Verte de Fougerolles
  8. Once my bitter Czech variety experiences are far behind me, I will crack a bottle of Bonne Mère and start getting more serious with my absinthe reviews. Starting in the gutter has allowed a fun bit of comedy here. I am humbled and relish my absinthe virginity. It won't last long though, for soon I will become an absinthe regulare.
  9. That's OK. I ate them all after I finished my drink. They were very strange, seemed to absorb alot of the thujone. Super bitter fruity gummi bears, yummy!!
  10. Oh my, I just dumped the gummi bears into my drink, but they all sank quickly to the reservoir in the bottom. Sigh, I am so disappointed.
  11. Another comparison I can make with the bitterness of this is the old quinine tonic they use to mix with Gin & Tonic...but much more concentrated.
  12. Yeah, those mini gummis are pretty good. I was thinking about emptying the pack into my glass before doing the louche. They would all start swirling around in suspended animation, peeking through the clouds of nasty swill. The colors and animation would be great. Or maybe dunking a big spoonful of them in the liquid, setting them aflame and stirring into the louche. Wow, sounds exciting!!
  13. I wish they had said "Epoque is our best seller" so I would have bought a bottle of that instead of the Strong68. The flavor of Strong68 is how I imagined Ulex or Green Angel or Bitters.
  14. Hahahahah, that is too funny Actually, they did include a pack of "Alandia" matches, a small pack of "Haribo Goldbaren" mini gummi-bears, a Suisse Verte Clandestine sticker, and a "Epoque" card which describes Bell Epoque as "the beautiful era" in Europe's history that began in the late 19th century and lasted until 1914. It is considered as the "golden time of beauty, peace and entertainment". It goes on and on about "Cabaret", the famous cancan, and cinema that were enjoyed over a glass of absinthe. Apparently, Absinthe Epoque is a brand they offer that is recommended to be prepared after the classic french Ritual, using one part Absinthe, three parts cold water and one sugar cube. Must be Alandia's latest variety.
  15. This product must be targeting the amateur novice beginners. I just can't see anybody actually wanting to drink this stuff when there are so many better varieties available. Do you think there are actually dedicated Strong68 customers that prefer this type of dregs? I sure hope not. Maybe the masochists that enjoy self-torture slam a bottle of this and then do the self-affixiation rush sex with a rope around their neck?
  16. Man, I couldn't imagine anything worse than Trul 1792....but Strong68 is by far. It tastes like ouzo mixed with bitter arsenic or some toxic chemical. I won't even give the rest of this to my nephew. Down the drain it will go. I might drink a 2nd glass just to get some of my money back. Sugar doesn't even help this stuff much. Once I have rid myself of this, I can start trying the real stuff. Oh well, 2 really bad selections out of 36 is pretty good I guess. I can't believe that Alandia calls Strong68 their "Best Seller". They did give me 2 free glasses, 2 spoons and a bag of sugar cubes for a mixup in my order though.
  17. Rene from La Maison just told me that he does have a few glass drippers available, but that they were not listed in their website. I was able to order 2 of them.
  18. Too bad Saxon Gifts doesn't have any glass drippers.
  19. Hi Sabrina, Good to meet you.
  20. Cool. I didn't see that one. I think I saw the older preview on another forum.
  21. Yeah, its just an update on their website. Although, I have never seen this bottle they are using. I saw a pre-review somewhere that showed a different Doubs bottle.
  22. Thanks. I will add that to my list.
  23. Absinthe Classics has finally updated their Jade Selections page. Jade Absinthe
  24. Just noticed this on the Absinthe Classics website. Doubs Mystique