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    Melty Glass

    Like I said, I'll work on it. That would be great since he will be living/working at the loft gallery that is one of my only saviors here in dry county, KY. Anything to help the gallery and its being around for the next 20+ years is great in my book. Thanx for the support and excitement. Updates will follow whenever I see Chris (the glassblower.)
  2. Jenkittycat

    Melty Glass

    I will mention that to him whenever I see him next. He sounded pretty excited about the idea. I think that just him making them is way cool. It may be a week or two before he gets back to this part of the state.
  3. I agree, this is why my husband (Chad) is not "allowed" to buy one. Nevermind that I would be the one taking care of it.
  4. I have been on one particular boat a few times during odd times of the year. (Winter and early spring) I refuse to "allow" Chad to buy one and have since gotten him to understand the expense and possibility of sinking. He has now resigned himself to wanting a "country home."
  5. Tim, dear, just look up Lake Cumberland and/or Somerset, KY, and you will see that it is like the houseboat capital of the world. Redonkulous, I know. Oh, and waterbed- isn't that like the whole boat?
  6. This banter has gotten sooooooo waaaaayyy off topic. It's really bad, and now it's going to get moved to that "file!" I will try to think of something on the topic next time I post.
  7. Somerset, KY land of the houseboat. (and more liquor than if the county were wet!)
  8. I'm just waiting for something snarky to come from peridot now. Snarky just seems fitting. Hi peridot. I see you.
  9. Jenkittycat

    Melty Glass

    Sorry, no dirty sex bribes. I am married. (Okay, still no sexual bribes even if it could be tempting...)
  10. Jenkittycat

    Melty Glass

    Harrassing him may include bribing him. I know how many on this forum feel about vodka, but it may do the trick. Well, aside from of course sharing some absinthe.
  11. Funny, I like that, but no she did not. Everytime I drive there, that is exactly what I am thinking.
  12. Thanks again for the help. I like good (sometimes obnoxious) banter on forums. I thankfully do understand that sometimes what may sound harsh, is really in good humor. I will still have to try the drink, when I finally have all of the ingredients in the house. I trust that it may not have been good, but for some reason I always have to try it for myself... I seem to remember something about death metal from when I was a young art school girl. I do try to forget most of it with alcoholic amnesia. (Sorry peridot.) Perry Como and death metal would definitely be something to be seen.
  13. Thank you for the moral support, Brooks. I would like to think that I am a pure soul, but I'm not sure whom I trust. My avatar is me, albiet a little up close. I am gathering that peridot's is also, even though it is a little scary. I'll take Cronkite 'cuz he seems nice and the devil for a little brutal honesty. Yes, Cronkite is a little more warm and fuzzy, don't ya think?
  14. I actually got a bottle of Kübler from a friend who lives in Clarksville, TN. I'm not sure of what store she went to, but she said that she bought it in Clarksville.
  15. Jenkittycat

    Melty Glass

    This may be a little premature, but I have just made friends with a glass blower here in KY. I am trying to get him to work on some absinthe glasses. He said that he has received a few other requests so, I am hoping that sometime this year, maybe he will make some. One good thing is that he and I are both going to be looking after a friend's art gallery/ studio. I will have plenty of time to harrass him into making them. I will make sure to upload a picture when he gets around to completing something...
  16. That's bad Peridot. Funny, but bad. I did say that I don't know a lot about a lot. The more distinguished cocktails and liquor being some of it. I am open to learning though- hence why I'm here, on this forum.
  17. This sounds even better. I am one of those vodka drinkers that actually enjoys vodka, not just to use it as a cocktail amplifier. Call me crazy, but I do.
  18. What have you determined is the properliest way to enjoy green Chartreuse? I like just a dash or two in some gin with ice. Is there a better way I should know about? Sorry it took so long to respond... I didn't and still really don't know what to do with it. In gin sounds good enough to me. Let's just say that there are many things that I don't know about.
  19. I have also gone this route of absinthe tasting. Lucid, then Kübler. I also agree from an earlier post (I think that it was this thread) that Lucid's bottle is a bit tacky. The whole "appeal" to a younger crowd is strange to me because I never had $60. to blow on a bottle of anything. When I was 22, 2 other friends and I bought a bottle of green Chartreuse. We split it 3 ways because it was "expensive" and we thought it looked cool. Needless to say, we had no idea how to properly enjoy it.
  20. I have a friend who bought me a bottle of Kübler and I just received it this weekend. She's from Clarksville, TN and bought it in a store there. I looked all over the bottle for anything about wormwood and didn't see it... I guess that I was trying to "make sure" that it was real. It said absinthe on it and it tasted like absinthe. I don't have a well developed taste for absinthe to notice the differences. This is only the 2nd bottle to be brought into my house. I'm just a little new at this and was so happy when I saw that there was a discussion about Kübler.
  21. Hi. I'm kinda new here too. When I was in New Orleans in October last year, we tried to find bars that had absinthe. That was how I found this forum. I too only found the "fake stuff." Even at that bar called the Absinthe House. (I think that's the name.) I finally ordered my first bottle last week and due to time constraints, I ordered it from a retailer in the US. There wasn't as nice of a selection as the overseas retailers, but I thought it was a good start. Have fun. The people here seem really nice and are a huge help with those obscure liquors and of course the absinthe.
  22. I have recently tried the St. Germain, and I really enjoyed it. I'll let you know if I figure anything out, too. I love to play "mad scientist," as my friends say, with liquor.
  23. Thomas sent a reply containing a link to your paintings. I am trying to rediscover watercolor, since I am more of an oil painting kinda girl. I have also been using colored pencils, watercolor pencils and whatever else is floating around along with the paint itself. I liked what I saw, your art is visually intriguing and interesting. I should eventually put up some of my stuff.