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  1. bez


    yes it's very good and i'm very happy you and your wife liked it,because it is also mine and my girlfriend's special drink!!! cheers. . .
  2. i have the lp in vinyl brian eno, gang of four ,primitive calculators. . . amazing
  3. very ,very ,very ,very ,very ,very ,very ,very good word. very ,very good and three more words http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePzLD1xvXGc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePzLD1xvXGc
  4. i know what happened to him.he never tried his own product and after all of us telling him how awful it is he decided to try it.now he is at the hospital and god knows..... poor man
  5. i can't believe what this person did.... propably he doesn't knows that absinthe makes the man smarter..... so wrong place for your tricks
  6. HAHAHAHAHAAAAA.Charles Darwin would be proud of you........ but not for them
  7. maybe cause it's only my 2nd bottle and it has a different smell from my first(libertine) .i agree that it tastes very good!
  8. there is something in it s smell.......don't know
  9. i have a vespa 200 rally.can i race?can i race??????
  10. trying not to think about it too ...
  11. How much and how often you drink absinthe???
  12. bez


    hahaha..he said well come
  13. bez


    i'm waiting your opinion about the recipe!don't forget to tell me about. .