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  1. Little Bourbon and Mt Dew, yes pedestrian, but works for tonight.
  2. having some Vieux Carre with my daughters friend
  3. Stopped by a liquor store I haven't been to in a while, and to my surprise they had Pacifique in stock , so I am sipping on it tonight
  4. I wouldn't put it at the top of my list for NC offerings, that still goes to Old Stock, but it is different and a nice change.
  5. Trying a bottle of North Coast's Grand Cru, interesting ale... might want to give it a try Abs..
  6. Hey Absomphe, glad to see your still stirring things up
  7. Hello again everyone A glass of St George after an evening playing games at my sisters and drinking Jack Danels. And yes I live, really did anyone think I would go for good?
  8. First a couple of North Coast Old Stock 2013's now a Sazerac....
  9. The last of my St George, and some Vieux Carre to finish out the dose....
  10. Will see what I can do to make it by more often guys. Vieux Carre tonight...
  11. Had sazerac's tonight made with Darby's Reserve small batch Rye tonight. Pretty smooth and not bad for a smaller distiller out of SC. And yes I still am alive, I don't die that easily. Finished my BAS in Web and Internet Development in May and have been taking some down time.
  12. Sazerac made with Wild Turkey Rye and Vieux Carre
  13. Still alive, and surviving school. Startling New Years eve with some North Coast Old Stock 2012.....
  14. Having a sazerac, unfortunately the liquor store was out of Sazerac Rye, and Bullet Rye, so am trying Trybox, unaged, from the still. Makes for a very different drink.
  15. Thank you everyone. Life has been a bit crazy lately, but I am getting things settled back down I think.