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  1. My, my...what I've missed for being off forum for a time. Congratulations, Hiram! It's great to hear you've thrown your hat into the ring. Cheers!
  2. This new format looks great, Hiram! It is nice to see something significant after being away for so long. You've been busy. I do agree with the "crowded" criticism, but what can you do to present so much information in such limited space? It is the conflict of every web designer. Menus work well to present the breadth of the information and the graphics create visual breaks from the text. Mostly there is a good rhythm to the site now which interfaces with the forum well. I'm more likely to return to the outer shell and read what is new, which is a point of good design.
  3. Thank you all for the kind greetings! I raise a glass to the green fairy on your behalf! Volpane www.volpaneinlove.com
  4. So, new...how did your results come out?
  5. Purple has been a practicing visigoth for years.
  6. And thank you, Brooks...I've been meaning to ask after your icon. It's an interesting image; I've always loved the architecture of the Chrysler building.
  7. They are very lovely. You describe it as smelling like chocolate...some might suggest it smelled more like vanilla. I would say it smelled like wax plant blossoms.
  8. Thank you all for all your well wishes! And especial thanks to Auguru for the photo of lovely pink blossoms of an orchid or something similar...can you inform us of its taxinomy?
  9. It's good to know that I'm still here.
  10. I wouldn't even call white chocolate candy. It is really more of a decoration, in the same way marzipan, sugared violets and the maraschino cherry are more decoration than candy.
  11. I've said it before and I'll say it here...water is the best way to prevent a hangover. If you drink a glass of water between drinks of absinthe, gin, etc. you almost force an element of moderation, you won't get too drunk either, you won't dehydrate (if you are also smoking pot) and because you eventually fill up on liquid you're less likely to drink too many. Of course you are likely to piss like the dickens! I've often said to college students, if you are not enjoying what you're drinking or your buzz, what is the point of drinking...?
  12. Bing Crosby hailed from Hope, Idaho, but I always liked that the community due East referred to themselves as Beyond Hope, ID. Oh, and I'm still hailing from Vashon Island, WA...should anyone be still wondering.
  13. In talking about music fashion being the basis of modern Goth fashion one can't ignore the influence of Glam Rock of the '70s and New Wave of the '80s, especially from England. Glam and New Wave in the US was lame at best and Punk almost never happened, but English rockers who define Glam and New Wave, like David Bowie and Siouxsie Sue still resonate with the attitude and style later Goths adopted. We men certainly wouldn't have been so quick to apply eyeliner in the Eighties and Nineties if David hadn't made it relatively banal and commonplace. I'm sure the washed out look for women wouldn't have persisted if Siouxsie hadn't maintained the image.
  14. Vashon Island, WA...on the map! Have we all the islands of Puget Sound covered yet?
  15. Look for grosgrain ribbon at a fabric or notions store in your area. Mind you, black can be difficult to find and expensive to purchase if you can't find a store that will sell it by the yard. Other options are florists and stationery stores that stock extensive wrapping supplies. Again, black can be rare and expensive depending on how much you're expected to buy at one time. Me, I lucked out with a ribbon from a gift of See's Chocolates...black satin ribbon with gold edge.