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  1. I can say that im having a glass now! Im having Kübler!
  2. Im excited to find a way to prepare that I enjoy. I tried 3:1 ratio last night and enjoyed it. I think i will prefer it with sugar though. That will be tomorrow night's drink!
  3. Hey everyone! I got my bottle of Kübler in last night! I'm so excited to try a real absinthe! When I got off work last night, I had to try a glass. It was much much better then the pernod I had previously tried. I think I rushed the louche, but I still enjoyed it very much. -Me Have a good Saturday fellas and femmes!
  4. haha nice one fellas! It was a "want to buy" thread but everyone seems to tell me to buy online. I was just checking, just incase someone had any laying around. Ben
  5. uselessdreamer1


    Im getting my absinthe soon and i figured i will need a glass and spoon or one of these. I would rather have one of the drippers but ill take what i can get now. If anyone would sell me one of these, post or pm me. Thanks Ben
  6. Should I wait for this or get Lucid right now? I'm really wanting to try some absinthe without the overseas fees of shipping.
  7. Thanks to all of you! i feel very welcome here!
  8. Mmmm right now im blowing tons of pillowy smoke!!! Its a nice banana flavor and a glass of the American Pernod(i know evil!) buts its nice together! Ive been smoking hookah for 2 years now, its really relaxing after work or school. I highly recommend it for the smokers!
  9. yea, i posted this earlier, but i now know the rules. Sorry buddy! close if you would like.
  10. I think were all just alcoholics! Nice to see some Southern gents in here.
  11. Hello all! My name is ben and im from ready?.......bum bum bum.....Kentucky!!! yes we wear shoes, and no we don't screw our sisters(or brothers). Anywho, im bran spanking new to absinthe! Ive always been intrigued by the green color. I know i know, there are more colors(white, blue, etc.) But since first finding out about it ive been researching as much as i can. I just keep getting more intrigued by this stuff. I haven't tried it and im looking to change that, but being a college student and living with a college salary, it cant afford buying 2 or more bottles to cut down on shipping. I have tried a pastis though. i believe it was Pernod. If you have any recommendations for a good beginner absinthe that i can afford on my poor college salary, let me know. Ben
  12. Hello all im new to the world of absinthe and i was wondering if anyone sells any small samples to try different absinthes? Since i havent ever tried absinthe and being a poor college student, i cant afford 120+ for something im not sure if i will enjoy. If anyone has anything they reccomend to someone just starting out and would be willing to sell a sample or 2 please post, email, or catch me on AIM. Thanks, Ben