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  1. Absomphe, I must say, I'm impressed.
  2. Now that it seems that absinthe has moved into the modern era, do you think absinthe glasses will also reflect this time, or continue to look as they did in the epoch? Would a modern "looking" fountain still appeal to absintheurs?
  3. How I wish all of those beautiful and delicious absinthes that I window shop for all the time could be offered from Drinkup NY! Until then, it's Kübler 53. (Which, actually, is a nice daily.)
  4. "There are plans in the works for four domestically-made absinthes: a verte, a blanche a rouge and something else. Not black. The verte will be based on the same formula as Verte Classique, but with all domestic content: grapes, seeds, herbs. Same with the blanche, the formula for which has been complete for some time now. The other two will be slightly exotic. There are also some non-absinthe surprises in the plans." Hiram, In all honesty, I'm a little disappointed that your Marteau is only being offered from Europe even though you said that would be the case back when you made your official announcement. But hearing that you have plans for four absinthes made here in the US is great news. Thanks!
  5. "Not too long ago I served Unibroue's Trois Pistoles alongside meatloaf. It was excellent." What would you serve with their Fin du Monde?
  6. Yay! Congrats! I can't wait to pick up a bottle at my local wine and spirits store.
  7. I just received a bottle of Taboo absinthe from Okanagan Spirits. I like it.
  8. Most of my friends are beer and wine drinkers and think of my obsession with absinthe as just another one of those things that make me strange. A friend of mine just came back from Canada and ran into some absinthe while visiting a liquor store. He thought about buying a bottle for me but had no idea of what was what. Besides, he got a little nervous thinking about driving it across the border and then having to fly it back to Maui since the girl told him it was illegal. I asked him what kinds they had there and he answered, "A blue one, a green one, and one in a brown bottle." I said if anything the one in the brown bottle would have been the best guess. He said, "That one was 80 bucks." And so it goes for me and my friends. Thankfully, my wife loves absinthe. But even she thinks I'm a little obsessed.
  9. "It won't take long to figure out top and bottom shelf." Exactly. I like that. Short and sweet.
  10. Well, I don't think he's at the hospital. I saw his name earlier this morning as he was reading the posts. If he is at the hospital it's probably because his eyes were bleeding. (Sorry, we here on Maui have a wierd sense of humor.)
  11. Aw man! I live in Makawao. Now everyone out there is gonna think us Makawao people are dishonest. Thanks, Ross! By the way, I remember seeing those glasses on your site at the antique store in Pa'ia. Now, I don't know whether to choose this emoticon: or this one:
  12. No apologies necessary, and no, you're not dense. The error was mine in thinking that the market was indeed expanding where, as you pointed out, it is just business as usual. Hey, maybe this could be pointed out to them and they could try something new...like putting their absinthe on our shelves.
  13. Aloha All, Recently I inquired with Okanagan Spirits about their upcoming abinthe Taboo. I received this e-mail this morning from their Sales & Marketing Manager and thought you may find it interesting. I invited him to visit the forum section for ideas. "Many thanks for your enquiry. Our Absinthe is now ready... and we are looking at ways in which we can export our product to you. Have you had experience in ordering alcohol online from Europe or Canada before? If so, please what carrier was used for the shipment. We are keen to send the product but we are very wary of it getting stopped at customs. Kind Regards PS. Our absinthe, looks and tastes fabulous. Sales & Marketing Manager www.okanaganspirits.com" I hope he does not mind my sharing parts of his e-mail with the forum. I just found it a little exciting that the market is expanding.
  14. Hello All. I am guessing that rossmaui is from the middle of the sea as I am. If that is so then I can understand his frustration at not finding anything absinthe related to drink here. The most we ever find is Absente, Pernod, or my steady, Ricard. Once in the capital city I found a bottle of Henri Bardouin which I enjoyed very much. Other than that, forget it. No arak, no raki, no this, no that. Still, rossmaui, I've been lurking in the shadows here for quite a while and will readily admit that the forum members here are very knowledgeable. Take their advice and try the Kübler. I like it. In fact, I think I'm going to make me a glass right now. Besides, it's free shipping from NY all the way here to the middle of the sea!
  15. Aloha All, If I am not mistaken, at one time someone was looking for any or all references made to absinthe in literature. Yesterday I came across a reference to absinthe in Eric Ambler's, "A Coffin For Dimitrios". It was a minor reference. I'm not sure if this work was mentioned before. If this is your thing let me know and I will point out its specific location in the text. Cheers.
  16. Aloha from the middle of the sea! Many of us here are part Portuguese. While we do not have the absinthe, we still go to church, make our soups, sausages and bread and still whine about our fates.
  17. Wow. Sounds like you got a nice bar there, DrinkBoy. Cheers!
  18. That's right. Bond could always tell what his vodka was made from.
  19. A friend of mine brought back two bottles of Arak Razzouk from Michigan and another will be bringing a back a couple from Connecticut. I've spoken to the manager of my liquor store but he seems to be quite content and pleased with himself because he just started bringing in Pontarlier Anis. While the Pontarlier Anis is okay, it's too sweet for my taste. The arak is much better.
  20. That's okay. Keep those creative juices flowing and find the outlet. Then send us some. Commercial doesn't necessarily mean that it's centered strictly around making money. Many Japanese artisans produce goods in the traditional way because they believe in their craft and want to offer a high quality product to the people. And they make peanuts. But they don't care.
  21. In that case I'll feed 'em my neighbors.
  22. The only problem with those damned monkeys is that after the long flight you gotta feed 'em before they go back home.
  23. I would choose to have absinthe legalized. I am quite certain that if I put my time and talents to the test I would create an absinthe that I would enjoy. But I don't have that kind of time. I guess you could say that in this respect, I am lazy. I enjoy fine beer but wouldn't go out of my way to brew my own. I enjoy my wife's cooking and can even whip up a few fine dishes but I am easily outdone by a chef. When I want something really fine, we go out. You all sound like you're good at it. If absinthe is legalized, why don't you go commercial for us lazy, less talented types?