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  1. Absinthe has yet to make its way to our shores. On top of that, I just learned that DrinkupNY is hitting Hawai'i and Alaska with shipping charges.
  2. My first absinthe was a Jade Nouvelle Orleans. I think I should have started with a simple one first. I cannot (for the life of me) remember how it was then. I had no experience.
  3. I, too, always thought those pirates drank grog. My kid told me, however, that in the latest pirate flick the crew was on deck guzzling grog while their dandy of a captain was in his quarters drinking absinthe.
  4. Hawaii: Shipments hijacked by pirates.
  5. What a horrible thing to do to a bug!
  6. My wife surprised me with a bottle of Jade's Nouvelle-Orleans for Father's Day back in 2005. It was my first bottle of absinthe and I was not quite sure what to expect. I went through the ritual with a cube of sugar on my new spoon, watched what I assumed to be a louche, and sipped my first glass. Having been a newbie then and having had no other absinthe with which to compare I cannot even tell you how the Jade tasted. I must admit having such a fine absinthe on my first try was quite a waste. It would have been better for me to start with a lucid (had they been around back then). I was listening to a recording of Pascal Roge perform works by Satie and by the time he reached the Gnossiennes the sun was setting over the West Maui mountains and I was truly enjoying myself. Since then I've had many different absinthes and shared quite a few glasses with my wife and friends, but nothing's been like that first time.
  7. When lucid made its debut I couldn't help but pick up a bottle. And then I always made sure I had a bottle handy. Then Kübler came along shortly thereafter and I was drinking Kübler. Then I decided to splurge a little picking up a few things from Matter and a bottle from Canada and I found them all very interesting and very good. A couple of weeks ago DrinkupNY was out of Kübler, there was no St. George to be found, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend the bucks and send across two seas again, so I decided to revisit lucid from Drinkup (although my wife doesn't care for it). I'm having my second glass now, and while it may not the best, I am enjoying it. Is lucid worth a go? I think so. Why not?
  8. I understand Monsieur Verlaine had quite a few silly habits.
  9. Actually, I should stop griping. I remember when Hiram predicted that absinthe would be "legal" in the states within the next five years and look where we are now. I just need to be a little patient. Just a little while longer. Just a little while longer.
  10. As soon as it makes it way here to the middle of the sea I'll pick one up. But since we seem to be light years away, I guess I'll never get one. Along those lines, the distributor of lucid in Chicago is also the largest wine and spirit distributor here in the islands... but me no see no lucid here. Hiram, when your absinthe hits the market, how's about sending some our way? (Actually, my wife and I considered flying to New Orleans to watch our team in the Sugar Bowl just so we could go somewhere and drink absinthe. Go figure!) Sorry, I'm rambling now. Too much Kübler. Hey, it's the eve of the Eve!
  11. Had a couple of glasses of Ricard, a couple of glasses of Kübler, and watched/listened to The Tiger Lillies doing, "Shockheaded Peter".
  12. Sorry, this is off thread, but when I ordered a bottle two days ago from DrinkupNY they offered accessories. Okay, I'll be quiet now.
  13. Aloha All, I finished "Death in the Afternoon" a couple of weeks ago and saw Hemingway's reference to absinthe. I'm halfway through "For Whom the Bell Tolls" and saw more mention of absinthe. I admit to not having done my research but does anyone know what kind of absinthe Hemingway drank? Was it just Spanish absinthe? Happy Holidays!
  14. No holiday Duplais chocolate for that lazy mailman.
  15. Visited the capital island today. While there I stopped in at one of the premier liquor stores. No absinthe, neither Kübler or lucid. I understand that we're in the middle of the sea, but hey, it's the 21st century!
  16. Shortly after having started this thread I tried a bottle of Taboo. I was (and still am) not confident enough to do a review but I found it quite enjoyable. I liked it very much. Okanagan Spirits was/is also considering a 375 ml bottle for the US market.
  17. I just finished "Death in the Afternoon" two nights ago and found it an interesting read. Have yet to try the drink.
  18. That's good news. Can't beat that free shipping. Thanks for checking.
  19. Mr. Breaux better be working on a new recipe for Lucid or it's lights out!
  20. I know this one's a little off track here but last week I was flipping through the channels and came upon something that caught my eye. The film was "Fanny" and the scene at the time was at a bistro along the waterfront in Marseille. Sorry, there was no absinthe present but remnants of the culture - trays, glasses, coasters, carafes, anisettes, pastis, drinking and drunk Frenchmen. I found it interesting.
  21. Mrs. Belarmin just treated me to a couple of bottles for my birthday a couple of days ago. Tonight I started with a Kübler 53 (our usual). Followed that with a Mansinthe. Will now have a glass of Duplais Verte. I love my wife.
  22. I just enjoyed a birthday recently and Mrs. Belarmin surprised me with a couple of bottles. Tonight I had a glass of Kübler 53 (my usual). Followed that with a Mansinthe. Will now make a glass of Duplais Verte. I love my wife.
  23. $41.99? And down the street from you? How nice! When I ask the distributors about bringing absinthe here to the middle of the sea, they answer, "What's that?"
  24. 20-25 minutes? Wow, what patience! Was it still cold?