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  1. We've been waiting all summer for another absinthe to hit our shelves. All we've had until now was St. George. And then the Torment came upon us. The manager printed himself a sign on lime green paper for all to see touting it as "the real deal". I feel like buying a bottle and forcing him to drink it.
  2. I find it interesting that Marteau will have to travel from the Northwest to NY so I can get some in Hawaii. I'm not complaining, oh no. I'm grateful. I just find it interesting.
  3. Things are looking up for the DrinkUp patrons.
  4. I like the cat's eyes. When my wife and I were in Vegas we'd always keep an eye out for the kitty cat while walking past bars. It was those eyes we saw at the Venetian, and they were a welcome sight. Whenever we walk into the superstore here at home we can see from quite a distance whether or not Lucid has arrived. To this date, it has not, but we keep looking for the chat noir. As for the biker gang... I'm sure the absinthe is good as I've taken a liking to the Matters. But bikers? Well, okay, I guess. Hmm... I guess I can see them in their convoy of Harleys as they head up the road in the mountains and stop at some field where wildflowers are in full bloom. Then they whip out their bottles and carafes and sip absinthe.
  5. Oops! Sorry for quoting the guy right above me. Please don't bite my head off!
  6. But I understand they had pretty fountains.
  7. St. George is the only absinthe you can find in the stores here on Maui. The Torment is here too, but that doesn't count. If you're lookin' on Maui, save yourself some money and go to Wailea.
  8. A friend brought a bottle of St. George from Honolulu this morning. Been drinking that all afternoon and evening up country on the slopes of Haleakala.
  9. Erik Satie sets a distinct mood. His Gymnopedies are well known. I like the Gnossiennes.
  10. Maybe my bottle escaped the filtering stage. There was that tiny bit of sediment I talked about earlier. Towards the end there were so many of these "little black specs" floating about I had to use a coffee filter to strain the last few drinks into a glass. No one else seems to have had this problem. I've ordered another bottle so I'm hoping it was just a fluke...I sure hope so PeterL, I don't think your bottle was a fluke. I found them "little black specs" swimming in my glass too. Hartsmar thinks that the different macerates are filtered then blended. Perhaps the distillery should use coffee filters. Aside from that, the Muse Verte was enjoyable.
  11. I just watched an old black and white film starring Peter Lorre entitled "Think Fast, Mr. Moto" from 1937. While on an ocean liner Mr. Moto and his friend sit at the bar and he calls for a Hakadote Highball as a cure for his friend's hangover. The barkeep has never heard of it so Mr. Moto offers the recipe. It calls for (in a tall glass): 1 measure of lemon juice 1 pinch of salt 1 egg 4 dashes of orange bitters 1 jigger of worcestershire sauce 2 teaspoons of sugar 1 pony of absinthe, and Gin to the top. Although it's not an absinthe scene, my wife and I were surprised to hear absinthe mentioned. Mr. Moto? 1937? edit by hiram: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRD0Qr0fAlU
  12. I've saved an empty from every type of absinthe I've tried. I have too many spoons, all replicas. I have too many glasses, all replicas. Everytime I see a beautiful glass on tv that would work for absinthe, I'll say, "What a beautiful glass!" I'll watch reruns of The Thirsty Traveler, Modern Marvels, Great Cocktails and Anthony Bourdain just to watch them drink absinthe. I'll play the absinthe scene from Dracula, even sit through parts of my daughter's Moulin Rouge DVD to see absinthe and absinthe paraphernalia. Whenever I see absinthe on tv I need to make me an absinthe. I usually buy my absinthe from DrinkUpNY or LdF but have spent countless hours window shopping at every on-line absinthe store the WS recommends, even a few others. I've pretended to buy hundreds of dollars worth of absinthe. I'll louche me an absinthe and put it in the freezer while I shower. It's nice when I get back. My son thinks I only talk about absinthe. I like to listen to Satie and Chopin when I drink absinthe and tease myself with their piano music at work when I can't. I stop into the local liquor store two times a week to see if a new absinthe has come in. (We only have St. George and the Tourment.) I've pulled my wife into my absinthe habit. I keep my wife updated on every bit of absinthe news like our lives depend on it. Is there such a thing as Absintheurs Anonymous?
  13. Oh, but I think I'll take your word on Czechsinth.
  14. I think I'll chalk this one up to experience, and not necessarily a bad one at that. I've been purchasing absinthes on-line for a few years now based on reviews and comments posted here at the WS and your advice has led me to some very nice absinthes. I've also managed to avoid all of the bad absinthes based on everyone's experiences. I admit that I jumped at La Muse Verte spontaneously and while this is the first time I'm trying something marginal, in a strange way, I'm kinda looking forward to it. It adds another notch on the ol' measuring stick and the next time members caution against a product I can chime in too.
  15. I just ordered a bottle as well. I noticed that La Muse Verte is produced by Liquoristerie de Provence who also produces Versinthe. Is that good or bad?
  16. It seems that absinthelounge.com is competition with absinthelounge.net.
  17. Just a quick update: I sent an e-mail to St. George Spirits to inform them of the price of their absinthe here in Maui and they immediately worked to correct the situation. They have my gratitude.
  18. Actually, no. The liquor store is actually a superstore and the prices of their products are comparable to that of the continent. I just wonder if it's just more ignorance of absinthe. It took a year for them to believe me that it was legal. They'll never believe me that if I wanted St. George bad enough I could order it from DrinkupNY for $71.00. Of course, I'd need to pay another $20 for shipping (such is life in Hawai'i and Alaska) but that still brings to price to only ninety bucks. But $150!?!
  19. Hey absinthe fans here on Maui, I just saw a few bottles of St. George down in Kahului. Yeah, I know St. George doesn't taste like the absinthe we've come to love but it's here. By the way, if you're going to run down to pick up a bottle, be prepared to pay $149.99! I know I'm not the smartest guy around but I ain't no idiot either! Give me a break!
  20. Aloha All, I've been whining for the longest time that absinthe is not being sold here in the middle of the sea. My wife, bless her, has been bugging our main distributor for a while and is finally getting some results. In about a month's time, Lucid will be reaching our shores as well as Grand Absente (?!?). Hey! It's a start.
  21. Aloha All, Last night I watched an episode from a series on Paris that played on Ovation TV. The theme was on the underground culture of the 20th century. The hostess made her trek to Montmartre, spoke of the Moulin Rouge, of Latrec, Satie, and of the drink of the bohemian artists, absinthe. I wasn't surprised when she poured her absinthe (absinth?) over her cube of sugar and then lit it. (That doesn't bother me anymore - I just saw worse on National Graphic's "Taboo" about mind-altering drugs.) She mentioned, however, something I had never heard before. According to her, many bohemians of the time drank their absinthe laced with opium. Was that so? (Please pardon my ignorance.)