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  1. I like lucid. It's the only absinthe I find regularly here in Upcountry, Maui, just five minutes from my house. Having lucid nearby also allows me to go easier on my harder-to-get absinthes.
  2. The superstore of liquor here on Maui touts LTV as "The Real Deal". They bought six cases of it and stopped offering Lucid and St. George. I swear if I had the money to throw away I'd buy a bottle of LTV and make them drink it.
  3. Well, Marteau is being touted as a luxury absinthe, and that's exciting. Way to kick it up a notch!
  4. Nice article. Did he say a hundred bucks? At the present rate that's almost 55 pounds!
  5. I spent two summers at Ft. Sill twenty five years ago. Have I missed anything since?
  6. Yes, but it would be nice if Pernod offered an absinthe of high quality aside from the one they offer now.
  7. Let me add my voice to the chorus of cheers. This is a good day for domestically produced absinthe and for absinthe enthusiasts.
  8. I know he has a liking for Combier and working with the old stills that are direct links to history, but I'm curious if he's planning on distilling here in the US. If so, when? If not, why not?
  9. Hi Kelly, Out of curiosity, who is the master distiller there?
  10. Oh no! What did I do? I liked that pic of you doing the arrow-through-the-head trick.
  11. Alan, I know this is off topic, but, Did anyone ever tell you that picture of you in your avatar looks like you have an arrow going through your head?
  12. Thanks for the follow up, Stringth. And just when the intrigue was at its height!
  13. My apologies about the bum information. According to the WS review section, La Muse Verte is produced by Liquoriste de Provence. However, they are NOT to be confused with (I guess) Liquoristerie de Provence, the producers of Versinthe. My bad.
  14. I appreciate your honest assessment, Green Baron. By reading any other review one would think that pre-ban was the nectar of the gods. It might very well be, I cannot say. I'm not sure if I'm curious enough to try some. I spend enough as it is on post-drought absinthe. Maybe it's just sour grapes on my part.
  15. I also found those black specks in my drink. What was most annoying and bothersome about those specks was that later on when I was washing my glass, it seemed as if they were stuck to the inside of the glass like you'd find tar stuck to the side of your car after driving on a newly paved road. Aside from the feeling that I had bits of tar stuck down there around my innards, I liked the Muse Verte.
  16. Absinthe has finally made its way to Maui and is available in two locations. In Kahului you will find Lucid at: Hawaii Liquor Superstore Maui Marketplace 270 Dairy Rd. The Superstore is convenient as it is near the airport. If you are in the Wailea area, you will find Lucid and St. George at: Wailea Wine Wailea Town Center 161 Wailea Ike Pl. It's all we have for now but that glass of absinthe will do wonders for the sunset!
  17. I must say that I've been around the WS for a couple of years and have learned a lot. When I first got here I was still drinking Absente. Boy, was that a while ago. Absinthe is now my drink of choice and now my wife is hooked, too. I've been enjoying the recent flood of absinthe since the end of the 20th Century Drought and can't help getting excited by where this is all going. (God help my liver.) I visit the forums every day and enjoy reading your posts. I am always amazed at the amount of knowledge and expertise the WS members possess. I frequently find myself saying to myself (and to my wife) these guys are long-timers and distillers! I know this crap sounds mushy but I just wanted to express my appreciation for having a place to sit in and listen to your discussions. Thanks guys!
  18. I'm not familiar with their gin but visited their website. Indeed, they look like serious distillers. And that's a pretty bottle.
  19. Is it true that Prometheus hid that glowing ember from Zeus in a stalk of giant fennel?
  20. When that day comes I hope they ship some to the middle of the sea!
  21. Oh, I'm sorry. That's a 1910, not a 1901. Hence the color. Duh!
  22. Since I can't be splurging all the time on Jades I haven't decided yet if I wanted to try the 1910 right away, but I must say, your pics are making me really thirsty for some of that!