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  1. I just read twenty one pages of bickering at another absinthe site surrounding the WS and its administrators. Even though they might think me an ass-kisser, let me say that I appreciate the Wormwood Society and the level of civility I find here. Cheers, and Season's Greetings to all. (Even to those Grinches.)
  2. So, OMG_Bill, are you saying that you got yours? That means mine is almost here!
  3. Sorry to hear about your supply line being cut, OBPig. While a rise in shipping rates has caused me to look in other directions it has had a positive effect. I'm getting a bottle of Blanchette soon, and my first L'Italienne!
  4. Now available for pre-sale. We expect to have this item in stock on or around yesterday.
  5. Heck, you guys are good. I'm just having a simple earthquake with VdF and Hennessy. Yum.
  6. I've been keeping and eye on this thread to see if someone received their encyclopedia yet, but no. My wife received an e-mail from Oxygenee saying that it should get here by next week. That should be good news for you all since it'll get to you a couple of days before me. The wait's almost over!
  7. Good advice! Just be careful when you're flaming. We don't want to see you on YouTube later.
  8. What's that trick that they do using syringes?
  9. Ooh! That would make me do the happy dance! I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed.
  10. I just saw my e-mail and was a little disappointed. I also thought, "Oh boy, wait till the gang at WS sees this."
  11. Hey, did anybody get their copy yet?
  12. I noticed that the Duplais Verte that will be here soon is at 68%. Isn't it usually at 72?
  13. Well, you're right there. Our governor thinks she's Queen.
  14. Oops, I meant to "cue" up the Rimsky-Korsakov. Oh no, is it to "queue" up the Rimsky? I'm outta here!
  15. Ooh, Scheherazade! Key up the Rimsky-Korsakov!
  16. Mrs. Belarmin heard me grumbling the other day and sent an e-mail to DrinkUpNY on my behalf. She told them that we have been customers for a while and were disappointed by the sharp increase in their shipping charges. DrinkUp answered that the increase was a mistake but that shipping costs have been rising. Mrs. Belarmin told me to check to see if shipping charges were still the same. Well, the've been lowered back to previous prices. While I'm grateful, I also feel like a pain in the ass for having thrown a fit in the first place. I better go place an order. Oh, and thank you, DrinkUpNY.
  17. Well, I feel stupid about the bitchin'. Heck, nobody said the Green Fairy was a cheap thrill. I'll be nice again, and come Thursday drink myself silly being thankful and all. (By then my package from LdF will be here. )
  18. I'm sorry that you have to pay out your ass for your absinthe. No, not really. But DrinkUpNY advertises for free shipping within the US for orders over 99.99. The last time I checked, Hawai'i was a state of the Union. Would you expect free shipping for an order over 99.99 if you're from Toronto? No, because DrinkUpNY does not advertise for that. All I'm saying is if you're going to advertise, follow through. If not, say free shipping for orders over 99.99 within the continental US. And I don't care about waiting five days. LdF says that their packages usually take up to five business days and so it is. I've had one problem with them over the last three years and that was resolved fairly. I've been a steady shopper at DrinkUp since they started selling absinthe. But if I'm gonna tack on 25 bucks extra for a bottle, then I might as well just get my mediocre absinthe from the store down the road. Now tell me where I can get some Marteau, Leopold, and Sirene on-line. If I ain't gonna save a cent, I might as well get my hands on something better. By the way, with the weak pound as it is, it's cheaper for me to get my Clandestine from the UK than from NY, and in a shorter time. Since we're bitchin' and all.
  19. That's good. But you live in CT and I live in HI.
  20. I started to place an order with DrinkUpNY for a couple of bottles. I can understand the NY sales tax. I can understand the 19.99 shipping fee to Hawai'i and Alaska. Hey, wait a minute, that's a $49.99 shipping fee to Hawai'i and Alaska! Thanks a lot, DrinkUpNY! Will they please stop advertising free shipping within the United States? I cancelled my order and placed one with LdF. It was cheaper and my package will get here in five days! Thank you, LdF. (Although I'm sorry that the pound is not doing too well for you folks.)
  21. Last summer Mrs. Belarmin and I had a couple glasses of lucid at a little bar at the Venetian. Then we walked over to the Bellagio and had a couple glasses of Kübler at a side bar there. It was prepared with a little fountain. It was nice for a change to stop at a bar and have an absinthe. I'm not sure if the Paris serves absinthe now but the last time we stopped by they only had Ricard. You'd think to find absinthe at the Paris.
  22. T73, I've always seen that food porn link on your posts but never visited. Until now. You tease!
  23. It was my birthday this past weekend and I was a little disappointed when I saw that my present was not shaped like it would hold a bottle of absinthe. When I picked it up and felt it, I thought, "Ooh, goodie! I think this is The Absinthe Encyclopedia!" I opened it and my heart leapt when I saw that I was right! And then my wife started laughing. She printed up the cover to the Encyclopedia and taped it on to one of our books. She had a good laugh but then explained that the book was delayed. Shoot! I must say that was funny...I guess. Anyway, I can't wait for it to get here. If people thought I was a pain before, wait until I get my encyclopedia.
  24. Mrs. Belarmin and I are alternating between glasses of Edouard and Marteau and are doing mighty fine.
  25. Tell me about it. I'm here drinking lucid (which, again, I like) while Mrs. Belarmin is drinking all the Marteau, Balance, and Edouard.