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  1. Hey Joe, I've seen Aperol at the store several times but was not sure what to do with it. I saw some ideas at the link you provided. How did you have it? Does it taste like chinotto?
  2. Sorry to hear that OMG_Bill. Have a mezcal. I'm having some Del Maguey - the Minero and the sweeter Crema. Supposedly they say, As a remedy for everything bad, mezcal And to celebrate all that is good as well.
  3. Partida, Chinaco, 4 Copas - blancos all. Del Maguey Chichicapa Mezcal.
  4. No, no, do stay. Never mind us. You stay. It'll be more fun.
  5. On another note My wife was watching Desperate Housewives last night and said that there was an LTV bottle in a character's liquor cabinet. Is that a positive or negative?
  6. I have yet to try the Tourment and am not planning on it any time soon. After the reviews come in, and should they be positive, I might give it a try. Where I live there are only three absinthes found: lucid, St. George, and LTV. I buy my absinthe from DrinkUp because it's a better deal. Every time, though, we walk into my local liquor store my wife and I notice that someone out there's buyin' the Tourment.
  7. For someone who's never had absinthe before I would suggest trying a bottle of La Charlotte by Devoille. Yeah, I know it's not the best out there, but a newbie might find it interesting... Especially since it can be found at DrinkUpNY for 29.99.
  8. I have been drinking absinthe for years now but still have an amateur's taste buds. I was really looking forward to L'Italienne having read the reviews but could not stand it no matter how hard I tried. I vowed never to drink again, saving it for the pros.
  9. I am sorry, Touch-Money, that I cannot offer any advice. I wish you and your partners, however, the best of luck and hope to visit your bar should it become a reality.
  10. You will not find another book on absinthe like the Encyclopedia. If absinthe is an interest of yours you cannot help but like the book. I was a little surprised, however, by the actual quality of the book itself; not by its content, but its manufacture. It feels more like a school text rather than a fine dictionary or encyclopedia. Bibliophiles might have mixed reactions. Do I like the Encyclopedia? Yes. Would I buy it off the shelf after having looked at it first? Probably not. But then again, you might never find it on the shelf for sale. If you want one, you better put in an order. Never mind the price.
  11. Congratulations, Zman. Can't wait to put an absinthe to that avatar.
  12. Well, it's settled. I'm driving out to Washington. Now I just gotta ask Caractacus if I can borrow his car.
  13. Bilbo would pay eleventy one dollars for a bottle of NO.
  14. I've found the VP very enjoyable. But I've also found La Charlotte very enjoyable as well. Yes, I find the VP better, but I was surprised by La Charlotte. I ordered a bottle and while I was waiting for it to arrive read the various reviews. I was discouraged. But when I finally tried it I was surprised. I find it reminiscent of the VdF but at 55 degrees. If you like the VdF you might like the Charlotte. If you don't, and there are many who do not care for it, then you will not care for La Charlotte.
  15. My wife and I had a couple of glasses last night and we loved it. Our compliments to the distillers on an excellent absinthe.
  16. Yeah, I just got a bottle of Batch 14. I've been reading reviews and threads for a while and finally I'm gonna get to taste it myself; fourteen batches later.
  17. My first bottle of VP just arrived. It's breathing. I'm excited.
  18. My first bottle of Leopold just arrived and I opened it to let it breathe. It's only eleven a.m. here, a little too early for a sip. But it smells great!
  19. Sorry to hear that, OMG. Did they ask if you could steep wormwood in beer?
  20. Let us know how your trip turns out, OMG_Bill. Sometimes I think I need to do some work here too just so our stores offer something more than lucid or LTV.
  21. The boy will be blowing his fireworks to scare away evil spirits. The girl will be giggling with one of her friends. The wife is cooking Grandpa's soup made with chicken, pork, winter squash, abalone, dried shrimp and flavored with star anise. She's also making the annual Portuguese vinha dahos pork with potatoes. The fountain will be ready and we'll be sipping on l'Italienne, Blanchette, Myrrh, and even a glass or two of the ol' lucid. A happy and prosperous new year to all!
  22. My copy arrived this afternoon. Merry Christmas!
  23. Highs in the upper 20s? We're freezing in the 70s. Time for a Myrrh.