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  1. As long as they've been properly dressed for the occasion.
  2. Where would that page review be posted? All non-absinthes have been removed.
  3. Funny, I was looking for a review of the Herbsaint Original here but did not find one. Were the reviews for pastis and others removed?
  4. I've had my bottle for a couple of days now. I like it.
  5. By the way, that's why I initially thought it was a pastis. I thought pastis was originally an absinthe substitute. I was just trying to figure out what Legendre Herbsaint Original really was. I saw at DrinkUp, however, that it is listed as a liqueur.
  6. QUOTE (Brian Robinson @ Nov 20 2009, 09:50 PM) No, it is an absinthe substitute (all things being equal, it's basically absinthe without wormwood). Pastis is something entirely different.
  7. Oops. Sorry, I missed it. Herbsaint is not a pastis. It is something entirely different altogether. It is an absinthe without the absinthe.
  8. I enjoy the American offerings but like Leopold's the best.
  9. She does sound like a keeper. And if you want to keep her, be very happy with whatever's inside. (Besides, it can't just be the accoutrements without the green gold. THAT would be teasing.)
  10. True. But some of us leave a lot more behind than others.
  11. Wait a minute... I read four pages of arguments put up by peridot against the editor's review section and now that he's being asked to be an editor review he doesn't mind the editor reviewer section? I think I better go back and re-read those last 3-4 pages. I think I missed something.
  12. Yeah, I shoulda just thought for a minute and realize that they were just doing the "right" thing. I'm just dense that way.
  13. How strange that we've been told for a while that the Jades would be back in stock soon, and now that they are they won't be shipped to us. (By the way, didn't LdF ship Jades to the US even when Jades weren't supposed to be shipped to the US?)
  14. Why do you think that is? Could shipping be too high?
  15. I'm surprised that LdF has not sent you all samples. What better way to push their product?
  16. If he's really distilling up in orbit then I don't think I'll ever be able to afford another Jade again. But seriously, even though the NO has been here for a while, I've refused to shell out eleventy-one to pick up a bottle. I guess I'm cheap.
  17. Edouard, Edouard. Although I've never had the PF 1901. But, yes, I'd like to say any of the Jades in a store near me!