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  1. Hey GrayWolf, pardon my ignorance, but what's india-toko?
  2. You know, I used to read everyone's posts and be surprised at how much everyone was into it. Then this morning I received an e-mail from LdF saying that my bottle of Clandestine is on it's way. I must admit I'm excited!
  3. I just saw an aficionado of pisco on The Thirsty Traveler the other night and he said, "The best pisco is the one you like best." I guess that would apply to any drink out there; I was just curious to see what would come up. Thanks, guys!
  4. Aloha All! I tend to be on the very quiet side. (Hey, is that lurking?) Anyway, I have been reading your posts and have found them very entertaining and informational. My wife and I just finished a bottle of K53 and we really enjoyed it. In fact, last night she told me that she was hooked. That's great for me since she's the only absinthe drinker I know here in the middle of the sea - oh, and since she's the one who opens all the bills. She also told me to order another bottle of whatever I wanted and that she'd be more than happy just going along for the ride. My first bottle was a Jade NO. My wife didn't try that. My second - and her first - was the K53. Any suggestions? Mahalo!
  5. Aloha! (Don't tell everyone about the sugar; they throw fits.)
  6. Goodness gracious! And here I was diddling around wondering if I should try this one or that one. Drink up! I'm a newbie too, but for what it's worth, welcome!
  7. Well, I've been trying my best not to ask the obvious ignorant newbie questions but I just gotta ask this one: Who's Phil? And where can I find his less expensive bottles?
  8. Well, I started with the Jade but it wasn't my doing. I can thank the wife for that one. Oh, and how I'd like to continue down that road but the wife isn't that much in to it... yet. Other than that I'll just take my cues from you guys. I meant to try the FG but you seem to be evenly split. I'm not sure if I want to try something that tastes like ass, etc. Thanks, guys.
  9. Hello All, I am probably the newest of the newbies and would like to extend an aloha to all of you at the Wormwood Society. I hail from the middle of the Pacific on the island of Maui. I am also a newbie to the world of absinthe and actually came upon it via Absente. One day at the liquor store I saw a picture of van Gogh and ended up buying the bottle purely out of curiosity. My interest was piqued and it wasn’t very long before I started to search for more information on the web. That’s when I happened on to your site. None of my colleagues have ever tried, or even heard of, absinthe and so your site is truly a godsend. Mahalo. My wife surprised me with a bottle of Jade’s NO on Father’s Day. I asked her how she decided on the NO and she said she came to your site, proceeded to LdF and chose one at random. Lucky me! I enjoyed it very much but having very little experience (and no other brands) was unable to make any comparisons. However, I just ordered a K 53 and we’ll see how that goes. Although I visit often, for the most part I am very quiet and will probably lurk in the shadows while I learn. I think the WS site and its members are wonderful. Thanks again.