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  1. Aloha! (I gotta try the François Guy and see what all the fuss is about.)
  2. Hey, is it too late to add my two cents? Absinthe is delicious.
  3. I think I recall Hiram discussing a pastis(?) that was produced by those who distill the François Guy. I cannot remember who he had the discussion with but they both thought that that particular pastis was suspiciously close to the Guy. Does that ring a bell with anyone?
  4. Notice how the ladies can't take their eyes off his goggles. :P
  5. Well, Grim, if it doesn't, there'll still be a lot of fun things out there that'll still be illegal.
  6. You know, that undisturbed roiling louche has been having a hypnotic effect on my wife. You gotta love it!
  7. What? Nina Hartley was there? And she drinks absinthe? Ooh la la!
  8. I'd prefer a shake. (Ooh, but is that wrong? Preferring what Ted suggests?)
  9. That's right, Baron. Thanks to you, I have been trying my absinthe sans sucre and I like!
  10. As a consumer (if you will) I would just like absinthe to be legalized so that I won't have to pay these exorbitant courier charges. As for American production - I don't think it could hurt. I'm sure there would be some quality products and some that would give the Czechs a run for their money. Thank goodness we have this forum and experienced absintheurs to help newbies like me. I'll just keep my fingers crossed. I keep telling my wife, "Hiram says within five years."
  11. Aloha! Been curious about the Guy for a while though I never tried it. Don't the Guys make a pastis too, the Armand Guy?
  12. I absolutely refuse to get a flu shot. Weren't we meant to get the flu every now and then and spend a few days in bed - away from those people at work who drive us crazy?
  13. Now THAT's a beautiful spoon! Now I just need 285 bucks... but the shipping's included! Hmm... maybe I'll just use my genuine Absente spoon for a while.
  14. Nice pics! Looks like a lot of fun. Man, my wife and I need to throw one of those here on Maui!
  15. "Definitely the Edouard, and for something quirky, but tasty, the Montmartre." Does anyone know if Hiram or another Society member has reviewed the Montmartre?
  16. Hey, that's okay. Here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean there's a lot that we never get.