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  1. Fortunately I still have a bottle which is more than half full and I'll make sure that I only enjoy this absinthe on very special occasions. On the other hand technically "suspended indefinitely" doesn't mean discontinued, so I'll live in hope that in a few years/decades we'll have another batch of L'Ancienne .
  2. I have a bottle of La Valote Martin: Belle Epoque and I really enjoy it. Haven't tried any of the others.
  3. How does Pernod "OR" taste after a glass of Eddy?
  4. Eichelberger 68 Limitée. Still one of the best!
  5. I think Absinthe Originals is the best place to buy pre ban stuff: http://www.absintheoriginals.com/vintage_absinthe.html. Absinthe.de is also offering Pernod Fils samples: http://www.absinthe.de/en/absinthe/vintage-absinthe/641/absinthe-pernod-fils.
  6. TIAMAT - The church of Tiamat DVD. Enjoing it with my Swiss friends mentioned in another thread.
  7. Tonight I invited some Swiss friends: La Valote Martin: Belle Epoque, Mansinthe and Duplais Balance. There's a chance that Brevans H.R. Giger will join us later .
  8. OK my top 10 at the moment: 1. Jade L'Esprit d'Edouard 2. Belle Amie 3. Eichelberger 68 Limitée 4. Brevans H. R. Giger 5. Duplais Balance 6. Doubs Mystique 7. Sauvage 1804 8. Berthe de Joux 9. Jade Nouvelle-Orléans 10. La Valote Martin: Belle Epoque My bottle of Roquette 1797 still sits unopened and I'm planning to order Jade VS 1898 as that's the only Jade I haven't tried yet, so I have a feeling there might be slight changes in my top 10 . And I'd love to try some of the US ones: Pacifique, Ridge Verte, Delaware Phoenix "Meadow Of Love", Delaware Phoenix "Walton Waters", but unfortunately it's not possible to get them in Europe at the moment :(. Well maybe someday.
  9. What’s this Brevens H.R. Giger you are talking about? Brevans H.R. Giger certainly gets my vote, excellent absinthe and one of my favorites.
  10. I posted this back in 2007 in my introduction post, so I'll just copy and paste: "The first time I’ve heard the name Absinthe was when I read “For Whom the Bells Toll” by Ernest Hemingway. But back then I just thought that it’s probably some kind of Spanish spirit and forgot about it. The next time I came across absinthe was when I watched “From Hell”. That’s when I took notice. I thought, that must be a cool drink with a cool way to drink it . And then I saw that our local ASDA is selling Apsinthion Polski Absinthe. The next minute I was already paying for it. As I didn’t know much about absinthe at that time I was drinking it the way Johnny Depp drank it in the movie – using fire ritual . I didn’t have a slightest doubt that it was an original absinthe ritual, especially as “Metal Hammer” – the magazine I read also suggested fire ritual, when drinking absinthe. Nevertheless I loved the drink. So when I finished the first bottle, I bought the second one, when I finished the second bottle, I bought the third one. Not, so long ago I thought I must try some other absinthes as I was already finishing my third bottle of Absinthion. That’s when I started looking for absinthe reviews and other information about absinthe on the internet. And oh boy was I surprised, when I saw that there’s no fire involved in the original absinthe ritual . I read all the reviews carefully and it led me to buying sample bottles (0.2 l) of Jade 1901, Jade Edouard, Jade NO and Duplais. When I took my first sip of Jade 1901 (I prepared it using the correct ritual ) I understood that I’ll never buy a bottle of Absinthion again." I can confirm that I kept my promise and never bought a bottle of Absinthion again.
  11. I can. And have. And do. The 68 is not their best product, IMO. Where did you buy a 1 liter bottle? And which Ike is your favourite then? And why is Eichelberger called Ike by the way?
  12. I had my first glass of this absinthe a few weeks ago and, oh boy, I was totally blown away! It's my new No. 1 (the previous No. 1 was Jade Edouard). I love everything about this absinthe: color, louche, aroma and of course the taste. And the price is also very good for such a quality product.
  13. But the first batch of Belle Amie already has a T-cork, doesn't it? Something similar to this: I didn't use the corkskrew to open my Belle Amie bottle and I reused the same cork. I'm totally confused now.
  14. What would be nice? The cork, which you have to open with the corkscrew?
  15. Jade uses T-corks now? Well, I can see that I made a fool of myself . The thing is that I have 4 small (0.2 l) Jade bottles and all of them have T-corks. And as most of the other absinthe bottles I own, like Belle Amie, Mansinthe, Eichelberger, Duplais (also 0.2 l) or even Absinthion Polski, also have T-corks, I presumed that bigger bottles of Jade also have them. My mistake.
  16. I don’t think you have to use corkscrew opening an absinthe bottle. Well. At least I never used it. I just carefully remove the wax with a sharp knife and then it’s very easy to remove the t-cork with your hand and you can reuse it afterwards. I hope that helps you when you open your next bottle and I don’t want you to struggle with Jade Edouard, which is my favourite absinthe.
  17. That amount of sugar certainly kills all the other flavours in absinthe.