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  1. Hi Tech, I also started with a czechsinthe, fire and all, on a trip to the Czech Republic last year. My first order included Duplais Verte, which I really enjoyed. Welcome aboard and enjoy.
  2. churchwardens can be a bit tough. Most decent pipe shops will have a number of stems on hand but probably not for a churchwarden and almost certainly not acrylic which I believe your Savinelli is. That being said your local shop can probably order a replacement from Savinelli so all is not lost.
  3. Just got back from picking up my bottle. Bletramos in Menlo Park still had about 2 cases when I left at 5:00. They said they got in 6 cases total. The bottles do have a "first date of issue" stamp on them. Very nice. I haven't opened it yet. their website and info is here: www.beltramos.com They do ship to the following states: Alaska Arizona California Colorado District of Columbia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Iowa Louisiana Missouri Nebraska Nevada New Mexico New York North Dakota Oregon Washington West Virginia Wisconsin
  4. Tried to go when they opened at noon today. There were about 200 people there before me and my 7 mo. old was in no mood to stand in line, in the cold, that long. I think I'll try again tomorrow....
  5. Have you tried some and had a change of heart since you posted this last Tuesday?
  6. I should proof read my posts better. "laws... is..." mismatch yuck. St George's Absinthe is going to be on the 10 O'Clock news on Channel 2 in a couple minutes.
  7. The laws for distillers is different than for wineries and breweries. I don't know the specifics of the tasting room service but the sales do go through the full 3 tier system in CA. You can buy all the product from the tasting room but they have to go through the machinations of selling the liquor to their distributor and then buying it back from their distributor to be able to sell it to their customers. I am not sure if they need a package liquor license to do this or not. I do know that they have done everything necessary as I've purchased their good a number of times directly from the hanger. I'm heading to Laguna for Christmas on Friday afternoon so I'll have to head over as soon as they open. If they follow their usual pattern the tasting if free if you buy a bottle so I might just be waiting when they unlock the door.
  8. In my VERY limited experience I believe that it is important for the TTB to step up to the plate and decide what absinthe is in the US. For the general public what's on the label is what's in the bottle. You and I may know better, that's why "Would you buy absinthe without the word 'absinthe' on the label?" received so many votes on this forum. The problem is that the general public wouldn't know it is supposed to be absinthe if it isn't on the label. More importantly, IMHO, is the issue of mis-identification of non-absinthe spirits by using the same "code words" absinthe distillers use to get around the lack of a definition. While this certainly applies to some of the bitter bombs from the Czech Republic it may also be used by people who make completely unrelated spirits. As others have pointed out, within the absinthe family the chaff will eventually be willowed but unless you have a definition this process becomes almost impossible.
  9. A German friend of mine acted as a mule and brought my first absinthe shipment in. Naturally he actually declared the absinthe, afterall he is German, and it was a rule. Anyway, the customs agent did, in fact, open the package and looked at the bottles. He didn't confiscate the bottles or do anything else, just let him through. HTH.
  10. Erik, Let me know when you want to go. I'd be happy to go again. I sure wish they'd get approval for the label already!
  11. won't change the staning of my liver but will help the pocketbook.
  12. Started off the afternoon with a little JImmy Buffet and Hank Sr. with some of my own homebrewed APA. Working on a little untaxed brandy and Jr. Brown and Faron Young right now. Not sure what's next. Depending upon how much tarriff I want to pay in the AM it's either a Becherovka night cap with the Violent Femmes or break into my 1967 Armagnac and listen to a little bit of The Chairman.
  13. I'll be really interested to hear your thoughts on the Edouard as we are both new to absinthe and that one is on my order along with the Clandestine
  14. Well yeah but after all homebrew kegs are only 5gal. so that's only 60 gallons. Luscious Oily Lesbians!
  15. If I PM my wife's cell phone number to you could you please tell her that. While you're on the phone can you let her know that Absinthe is a good use of household funds too. Especially so when you don't have to pay shipping! EDIT: Oh yeah, something on topic. Thanks for the excellent review existension. I have some la bleue coming soon and it's good to read others' opinions.
  16. I guess that only left Philosophy and psychology when it came time to choose a major. Welcome Luna!
  17. hehe... well, I guess having 2 different regulators in my kegging system so that I can have lightly carbonated British bitters and nice well carbbed American Pales Ales and different faucets just for my stouts MIGHT be considered excessive by some... edit: see, I had to respond to existension first so I wouldn't get called out for quoting the message above mine. See old dogs can learn new tricks...
  18. Uh... OK. Sorry if pointing out that many beer drinkers are not as you portrayed them bothered you. By your response I suppose I hit a little close to home. Wasn't my intention. All this excitement while I was looking for a nice beer/nihilism graphic on google to respond to T... BTW welcome to the boards.
  19. I will assume that you simply don't know many people who appreciate beer and not that you are actually disparaging the whole lot of us.
  20. Kinda surprised you can't get their vodka up there. It's pretty popular around here. Hanger One. I like their Eau de Vie.
  21. Grim, I hae a whole bunch of questions regarding your post. Are flegmes another word for tails? What is "suppressing" the head of their column and how would this help in reducing flegmes? If flegmes are simply tails why not just make more aggressive cuts to eliminate? I am somewhat curious as to the actual art of making absinthe and it sounds by your post that the anise character and thujone (I presume many of the other essential oils) come over in the tails which I suspect means that they are tied up in the fusels.