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  1. No, ma'am. I'm here to make some friends and have a lot of fun. .
  2. This is a libelous comment and I hope that the admin will remove it. .
  3. Sir, I come in peace. I object to your comments in both this thread as well as my sales thread. Here's hoping we can have a mutual respect for one another instead of starting off with slanderous comments. .
  4. No, of course not. These domains are targeted at French speaking people (quite many countries worldwide) as the URL typers :-) However, if you are selling absinthe (producer, marketer, distributor) then they could be invaluable at preventing the competition from obtaining them, allowing you to expand into the French speaking market, etc. The listed prices are valid for 30 days. .
  5. Someone is gonna get pissed. Yeah, I see the ' hovering over e but I don't know if that makes it right. Hello, I will pull my post if you feel that it violates forum rules. Just let me know. I certainly don't want to violate any rules! As far as I know, nobody has a trademark on any of these terms and they have been around for far too long to be trademarkable anymore. Thank you. .
  6. Hi, Anybody got a good recipe for roast beef? I'm planning on making one tomorrow and thought I might like to try something different, you know if somebody has a favorite recipe I just might try it :-) .
  7. Hi, I have the following domains for sale. They are so-called international domain names (IDN) because they have a french accent. This is the correct spelling of fée, as you know. I realize that many of you will be unfamiliar with IDNs; see the wikipedia page about IDNs for more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internationalized_domain_name I can also answer questions about IDNs if needed, e.g. which browsers support them today, etc. All prices are in USD laféeverte.com - 7500 laféeverte.net - 1500 laféeverte.org - 750 laféeverte.info - 500 féeverte.com - 7500 féeverte.net - 1500 féeverte.org - 750 féeverte.info - 500 If you have been wanting an absinthe related domain name for your business or forum, now is your chance. There may be some room for negotiation. Send a PM if interested. I will provide assistance regarding setting the domain up in your webserver or hosting provider. I can also provide hosting for you at additional monthly charges, if you so desire. .
  8. I'm not actually from Finland, but I have lived here for more than 7 years now. Finns like to drink and drink hard. I'm still trying to adapt :-) .
  9. Thanks to all of you kind people. Sadly, I haven't a bottle of absinthe at the moment, so I'm drinking the next best poison: Gin and Tonic. Luckily, I still have a bit of the Tanqueray left :-) After it's gone, I'll have to drop down to the Bombay... .
  10. In Alko (the state liquor monopoly) I have only seen Pere Kermann's (I wouldn't buy it, though). There is a place in town I like to frequent called "Tuulensuu" (windy mouth), which is a stylish little place where you can basically get the best of all types of alcohol from the world over, decent cigars, and even a duck confit if you like. Now, I like to go there and drink absinthe but they have so many varieties that I'm embarrassed that I can't remember the names of them. Next time I go there, I'll make a note. They also have an entire absinthe menu which has a pretty good written history of absinthe, etc. If you guys ever visit Finland, PM me in advance and I'll arrange an absinthe evening at the Tuulensuu in Tampere! http://www.gastropub.net/tuulensuu/ .
  11. We eat blood sausage here in Tampere, Finland. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mustamakkara Typical place to eat it is at the outdoor market in the summertime, sitting at tables underneath umbrellas. The thing to order is called "mustamakkara ranskalaiset" (black sausage and french fries), and it also comes with mustard, ketchup, relish, and lingonberry jam. Goes down really good with a cold bottle of coke. Excellent stuff, but it has been known to produce a bit of gas for a day or two. Small side-effects to pay for such a delicious meal :-) .
  12. I like cigars, and have smoked them for about 10 years now. I go through phases regarding which type I like best, etc... I have a humidor at home which can hold about 100 cigars. My current favorite cigar (for about 2 years now): Macanudo Diplomat Maduro This is a dominican. I also keep a stock of some cubans, i.e. montecristo #5, and so on. Although I can buy cubans, I have always preferred dominicans for the taste, such as: Cuesta-Rey 8-9-8 Maduro Arturo Fuente Not a snob, not a connoisseur, not a tobacconist, just like to smoke a good tasting hand-made every now and then. .
  13. Thank you, thank you. I uploaded an avatar for myself. I hope I'm not using the same one as somebody else here. Just tell me if so. .